o82. Top 10 Fascinating Eggs – Listverse

Interesting read: Top 10 Fascinating Eggs (Animal Kingdom) by Listverse!

I’ll totally mistake shark eggs for yellow hiking water-bags, while insect bags…are totally gross!!
Shark eggs are also called mermaid’s purse. Within each one, the baby sharks cannibalize each other in a survival-of-the-fittest struggle. How tragic is this sibling war 😦

Octopus mummies die a slow painful death (by starving!) because they hafta stay around to protect their eggs, such that some resort to eating their own arms!! 😦 My goodness…this sacrifice…
Still, the animal kingdom never fails to amaze me with its beautiful, redeeming features 🙂

P.S. Dear Sammy and anyone else with a phobia of small and multiple round things do not scroll beyond the first two pictures! The rest consists of well, small and multiple round eggs.

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