o88. girls hiphop (dance etc.)

Looking back on a couple of dance vids from my girls hip hop classes…some of my students have really improved since the first time they came! (‘:

Which is why looking back at class vids make me smile a little…

Even though I see them just for an hour, once a week…

I’m glad to be able to share my humble choreography with these girls…

I wonder if they enjoy classes as much as I enjoy teaching them!
Not just girls hiphop. My students in general.

I think… I’ll be quite sad if I ever have to stop teaching.
Seeing my students trying their utmost to catch my steps (which I always tell them…my steps aren’t perfect), hitting hard at the beats and counting along with me, smiling at my lame jokes, improving over the weeks, leaving each dance class happy and satisfied….

Sometimes I think…nothing makes an instructor happier than watching their students simply enjoying dance…

Been choreoing to some pretty obscure songs, like LeeSsang’s Workplace!! Slow beats coupled with a funky tune:

My recent craze over Teen Top Songs. Teehee.

Teen Top by Teen Top:

(On that note, I absolutely refuse to believe I’m the only one who likes the talented lead vocalist and lead dancer NIEL from Teen Top! He ain’t the best looking but has pretty insane stamina. Respect!!)

So this was how I spent the past hour…watching these old vids! Videos dating back from Jan 2011…

Although I may not be the best at remembering names (pardon my saturated brain! T_T), but I do remember faces! And I hardly ever do forget any face that cross my sight more than once?
Received loads of love this week…

(from private class~)



(Shannon and Shanice)


These presents don’t touch me as much as their 心意 do. I treasure all these precious thank yous 🙂

4 thoughts on “o88. girls hiphop (dance etc.)

  1. Hello Yuzhen!

    I was your student a few months back! Always feel like asking you at CJ but feel a bit shy >< where did you buy your hip hop pants? They look awesome! Can't seem to find in Singapore! :((


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