o91. Live It Up Without Lighting Up @ Scape

[Tumblr] Live It Up Without Lighting Up @ Scape – Josephine Hung

Here’s our (CJ Crew’s) recent performance for a HPB event!
The dance-off competition was an eye-opener for us as there were strong dance crews competing in the battle…every show is a new experience for us.

Credits to the owners of these videos and Kaixiang!! And thank you for coming down to support the crew! And thank you everyone who sent me the video links :)!

EDIT: View on Razor TV!

iPhone Miscellany:

With Joanna (XIAOJO!)

Icecream +sugar high~

A few of us after the show~

And what some of us had for dinnerrr… RAMEN!:


3 thoughts on “o91. Live It Up Without Lighting Up @ Scape

  1. Hi do you have any tips to start on dancing ? Like prActicing at home ? I went for dance classes before but I’m always too lazy to practice at home . And I’m always look stiff and weird when dancing >< thanks


    1. hello! do you have any particular styles/songs that you enjoy watching or dancing to? You can start by watching some youtube videos, or simply moving to your favourite song. If you have a mirror at home it’s even better! Copy certain moves from youtube or your favourite idol/dancer if you have any 🙂
      I fell in love with hiphop after watching and learning DBSK’s Purple Line (that was about 5 years ago) and I’ve never looked back since! 🙂


  2. Hi thank you for your advice ! ^^ do I have to learn the basics move before I start dancing to the cherography? And is there anyway I can do to dance more smoothly and not look so “stiff”


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