Travel-diary: Nagoya Unagi Rice ひつまぶし (Japan)

Finally tasted the most famous Hitsumabushi (Unagi Rice) in Nagoya!
The 4300YEN platter that we ordered for 2 came with these set of instructions, a four-step guide to eating the reknowned Japanese dish.

I must say, this is the best eel-rice I have ever tasted!! I loooove unagi rice!
So following the etiquette guide, the best possible way to enjoy this Eel Rice Bowl was to portion our unagi rice into quadrants. Each section is eaten separately, in different and unique methods.

Step One: Eat it on its own.

Step Two: Add the seasoning – seaweed, wasabi and green onions

Step Three: Add the seaweed, wasabi and green onions. Top it off by pouring Dashi-broth (green tea) on top of the rice.

Step Four: Pick your favourite method and eat it all over again!
To be honest, I couldn’t decide! I wanted to eat a second full bowl of hitsumabushi on my own.
The broth method really cleansed my palate of any oil, and when eaten along with the juicy, slightly fatty Unagi, it felt like heaven on earth.

So amazing, I’d definitely come back again for more!! Was told that it’s really crowded during lunch and dinner. People actually queue up for up to an hour. We slipped in during a lull period, thankfully. The walk/journey to Unagi Horaiken was totally worth the trip.

Unagi Horaiken
Nagoya Matsuzakaya South Wing 10th Floor,
3-16-1 Sakae,
Naka-ku, Nagoya

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