End of the Weekend Musings

On the topic of job satisfaction, ask me again in 2 months’ time because then, I’d definitely enjoy my work a whole lot more. I love my job.

Along with it comes gradual mental-retardation from immersion in ‘stupidity’.

Stupidity is a leaden accusation not intended to launch any personal attacks , nor does it contain any background of grudges. Just general statements about what I’ve been experiencing, easily dismissible because its not entirely unpleasant. Stupidity, in fact, is not entirely a flaw in the intellect.

For anyone who has ever personally understood Sheldon Cooper without the PhDs and accreditation, I feel you. You may not be sprouting intelligence but yet at times you have to come up with a dumbed-down version.

Ever felt like curling up in bed with a thick book, and just not talk to anybody?

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