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Sea Lion Center, Fishermen’s Wharf

At Fishermen’s Wharf on a crowded National Holiday afternoon, we braved the smell of bumming sea lions and watched them laze around the harbour decks as they tanned their already brown skins and accumulated fats on their flabby bodies.


You know what the ironic thing is? There were so many of us watching them, it dawned on me that this whole situation could be turned around. This could be HUMAN BEINGS CENTER, and the sea lions are actually observing us.




The Sea Lion Center is a hub for all things sea lion – interactive displays, educational videos etc. You can touch a sea lion pelt, feel the difference between a Californian sea lion and others within the same family. Sadly I think sea lions lead such a boring life here. I wonder if any of them managed to escape to Alcatraz.



Beach Street & The Embarcadero,
San Francisco, CA 94133, United States

Viktoria Jean

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