Rules for eating NAENG MYEON (lit. Cold noodles) in Korea:

1. Do not order Naeng Myeon in winter.
I tried that once and got told off with dismissive hand gestures. Thereafter I did not exist in the eyes of the elderly Korean Ahjumma chef. Naeng Myeon in winter, seriously?

2. Never tell a Korean that Naeng Myeon is the equivalent of Japanese chilled soba or hiyashi chuka.
Unless you want to be told off with ruder hand gestures.

3. You can request for ice in your Naeng Myeon if it turns warm throughout the course of your meal.

4. The incredibly long (and chewy) noodles are said to symbolize longevity, but you can request for your noodles to be cut prior to eating.

5. I’m kidding with No.1 – you can eat Naeng Myeon throughout the year, but choose your restaurants wisely.

Viktoria Jean

One response to “SEOUL DIARIES 029: NAENG MYEON 냉면”

  1. You definitely got me at number 1..


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