Weekend Social Media ▷ 27 July

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Your Weekly Social Media Lowdown (1)

Chris Syme of Social Media Today talks crisis management and the who-what-where-why of social media issues. A logical read to allay your panic when someone has “blasted your brand for something that has been blown way out of proportion”

▷ Also on Social Media Today, Andrew Hutchinson discusses How Hollywood is Utilizing the Power of Social Media Influencers – the latest trend in film marketing underlining an expanding social media democratization.

▷Jim Joseph on Entrepreneur necessitates ‘a matrix of methods’ and personal commitment to create, establish, build upon maintaining a social media presence to boost your social media following

▷Expand your Social Media Business Etiquette with Justin Wilson on Business2Community – some of these are pretty basic yet still lacking in most B2C Social Media responses. True this: ‘if someone has gone to the effort of posting a social media comment to your business, you should respond promptly to them’.

▷Wall Street Journal reports on Social-Media Firms Resisting the Role of Policing Terror Talk – the intelligence-funding reauthorization bill would require platform companies i.e Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. to disclose any content that could indicate terrorist activity. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google all declined to state a position on the measure.

▷Social Samosa publishes a really short case study on A fail-safe method for realty marketing on social media

Small Biz Trends provides interesting statistics of our top 10 favourite Social Media Sites.

▷Not to be missed, Pam Moore divulges 8 Lessons Digital Marketers can Learn from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

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