This Week’s Social Media ▷ 31 July

While Twitter’s stock takes a nosedive, here’s what else you might have missed this week on…

Your Weekly Social Media Lowdown (1)

Twitter Silhouettekiss▷ Tweetmasters SocialBro returns with an interview with Benjamin Towne (strategy & analysis manager), Leslie Fines (social & content strategy manager), and Ben Timmins (senior associate) from DigitasLBi to find out how they planned PUMA’s #IGNITEYourCity Global Campaign in How Quick-Footed Twitter Analytics Tactics Helped PUMA #IGNITEYourCity In 80 Countries (29 Jul)

▷ Also On SocialBro: 4 Ways To Amplify Your Twitter PR Efforts (27 Jul) by Divya Sehgal cites the ever-relevant Life Of A News Story graph from “NewsJacking” by David Meerman Scott.

▷ Socially Sorted gets creative with 3 Ways To Use Images on Twitter to Capture Attention (28 Jul).

What’s Driving Trump’s Social Media Success? Pancakes (30 Jul) is Wired’s latest noteworthy piece – (i) the stories that dominate Twitter today drive tomorrow’s front-page news; (ii) as hard as candidates may try to drive well-crafted messages on social media, the masses have a mind of their own.

▷ Social Times speaks up for many in stating that Twitter Needs to Become Simpler to Use — But How? (29 Jul)

ViktoriaJean Facebook ▷ On Guardian: Twitter’s Facebook Fixation Could Send Itself Into Crisis (29 Jul). Is Twitter right in emulating Facebook? In other news, Instagram is “projected by eMarketer to leave Twitter in the dust by 2017”; the photo-sharing service already surpassed Twitter in terms of active monthly users.

▷ Business Insider announces Facebook’s Genius Plan To Make Money From Messenger (30 Jul): Facebook to start letting brands and businesses use Messenger to send customers receipts or shipping updates for products they bought or handle any other customer-service issues.

▷ Also on Business Insider, Facebook has added one of LinkedIn’s most abused features (29 Jul): Facebook in New Zealand is currently testing profile tags which are labels are added to your profile by either you or your friend to describe who you are.

Instagram Silhouettekiss▷ Brand Channel foresees that Instagram Ads Are On Track to Pass Google and Twitter With Facebook’s Help (28 Jul). – “The rollout of new features over the next several months means that by the end of 2015, Instagram will have a host of new ad products for advertisers, plus existing popular Facebook Custom Audiences feature.”

▷ Linda Schwaber-Cohen writes on Simply Measured, revealing 7 Instagram Hacks That Will Change How You Post (29 Jul). She takes into account brand optimization and influencer marketing, and weaves in advice to creators in experimenting with video content. Tip #7 reveals: “Without fail, inspirational quotes on Instagram rack up Likes and comments full of gratitude and love.”

Free Social Media Icon LinkedIn Black circle ring▷ LinkedIn announces the launch of Bring in Your Parents Day 2015 with Doro (30 Jul) as seen on Market Watch. Since 2013, after research uncovered more than one in three parents had no idea what their child did for a living, Bring In Your Parents Day has seen more than 55,000 parents visit their children’s office and learn more about what they do for work. Join conversations on Twitter @LinkedIn using #BIYP.

Google + Viktoria Jean ▷ReelSEO gives the rundown on Why YouTube would be better off without Google+ (29 Jul) and whether this would impact brands and content creators. The verdict: (i) they could force people to have G+ but remain unused; (ii) activity has been sharing itself over on G+; (iii) YouTubers making the split from G+ will have to take specific actions to remove G+ from existing YouTube accounts.

Social Media Marketing Viktoria Jean
▷ Rebekah Radice retains her spot at the top of social media influencers with How to Use Social Media to Market Your Business Like a Pro (27 Jul) – discussion takes the form of a conversational Tweet chat with Ann Smarty and her community on #VCBuzz.

▷ Buffer Social collects an Ultimate List of Product Hunt Collections for Marketeers (30 Jul) – tools featured include solutions to (i) finding great content to share; (ii) social media analytics tools; (iii) high-powered browser extensions.

▷ Similarly, Businesses Grow talks about Product Hunt and how to use it to boost business (30 Jul): “the products that perform the best have just launched, are available to the public, and are noteworthy — either by their unique nature, an element of humor, or just general superiority over other products in their class”.

▷ PR Newswire’s press release on 7 in 8 Messages to Brands Ignored on Social Media (30 Jul). The 2015 Sprout Social Index reveals that most businesses continue to favor pushing out brand messages rather than being conversational.

▷ Razor Social uncovers Long Tail Pro (27 Jul) – (i) manage your keyword search results; (ii) turn them into bite-sized insights; (iii) check where your website ranks on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing in terms of target keywords; (iv) export data to spreadsheet.

▷ Campaign Live reveals that emotional, not artificial, intelligence is key to successful campaigns in Man vs Machine: The Battle For Social Media (30 Jul), in which we learn why overflowing tactical ads on social platforms would lead to its very downfall amidst a virtual world where few brands are genuinely delivering on the promise of a more transparent dialogue with customers. Paul Frampton, chief executive of Havas Media, writes this pieces.

▷ Social Times gives advice to marketeers on 4 Best Practices for Brands Partnering With Short-Form Content Creators (27 Jul), with increased need for shorter and succinct content to capture whatever little attention we have left.

▷ Business2Community gives a compelling summary on 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Depend On Social Media For Blog Traffic; “Just because social media is powerful does not mean it is the only option”.

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