Ever since signing up for Guava Pass, I’ve attended a whopping 13 fitness classes (check out my previous posts here and here). It’s been an amazing fitness journey. I can feel my strength regaining  – lost from 2 years of unhealthy sleep cycles working as an air stewardess.

I’m happy to announce that KFIT Singapore has offered me a trial account! I’m super psyched and can’t wait to reboot my fitness journey. Looking at KFIT’s classes and gym schedules, pass users do get exposed to a wider range of inspiring fitness courses – I spotted hip hop dance classes with Danz People and Flowrider Access at Wavehouse Sentosa!

This week I’ve been attending some pretty inspiring classes:

Day 8: Ballet Shaping (1hr) + Belly Fit (1hr) @ Desert Rose Belly Dancing
▷ So my contact with ballet had been few and far between. From age 3 to 11, I trained at SHHACKT (Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts And Cultural Troupe) – then a chinese-dance academy – at least once a week, during which we picked up ballet as part of our syllabus. You never entirely forget how to dance – that much I’m certain. The body remembers where it’s supposed to go, like in swimming or cycling where even after losing touch for years, your muscle memory just needs a kick to restart that system.

My first thought when I saw Desert Rose school was: this is a dance academy? Build on the top-most floor above a restaurant in Chinatown, it’s the last place I’d expect to be learning dance at. The average age of the students was at least 35, and I’m clearly the youngest. Instructor COCO at Desert Rose Belly Dancing introduced basic ballet moves in Ballet Shaping to lengthen your spine and limbs for that graceful ballerina figure. It wasn’t tiring at all – loads of stretching with rhythm, ballet positions and plié.

The next hour (I decided to just stay on for the next class) was a basic belly dancing class, also taught by Coco. Gosh what a first time experience! Dancing amongst older ladies was one thing, but gyrating my hips at 50-shakes-per-minute – I LOVED IT. Everyone gets a belly dance sash laced with tiny bells that makes seductive tinkling sounds when you shake that booty right. Belly dance just melts your fats away (especially the hips!) because essentially you don’t stop shaking your ass.

All in all this was a good environment for first-timers. You need not feel shy. The teachers and students alike were so welcoming and nice.

Desert Rose Belly Dancing


Day 9: KPOP X Fitness @ Physical Abuse

▷I used to love KPOP before all their songs started sounding one and the same. In fact I used to teach Kpop dance classes. KPOPxFitness is essentially aerobics with KPOP songs. Attending aerobics classes in Australia was an amazing experience, and thankfully Instructor Stephanie’s class was not a letdown! She radiates so much energy in her class that everyone else is inspired to push harder. We danced non-stop for 14 KPOP songs!! She might have revived my love for KPOP…a bit. All I can say is I’m going to look forward to attending her classes!

My first class at Physical Abuse was Bollywood Fitness, and so far I’m loving this gym full of fitness addicts.

KPOPxFitness Physical Abuse


Day 10: Iyengar 1 @ COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

▷ It must be a given for Yogis to have incredibly soothing voices. Under Instructor Samantha‘s guidance, the class went into tricky inversions with the help of ropes, mats, bricks, belts and props. Sounds kinky somehow, but it was incredibly fun. The poses we did helped with spinal re-alignment and back straightening. I’m always in front of a desktop these days, so holding those poses was a tad difficult at times. A one-hour class passed by incredibly fast. I felt as though we did a tonne of stuff, but I left the class without perspiring. This is definitely a beginner-level yoga class but good for people who’re looking to revise their fundamentals.

Como SHambhala Urban Escape



I hope I made the classes sound interesting, because if they weren’t, I would sincerely not be writing about them.

There are so many incredible yoga academies in Singapore that I’ve yet to come across! I’m somebody who’s constantly searching for excitement, so I’m incredibly hyped over the possible new fitness classes I can now attend!

Join me on my fitness journey ❤

Viktoria Jean

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