Hi everyone,

I found the best cure to sleepless nights and junk food; when my body was in need of detox, fighting the need to go into hibernation mode, nothing energised me more than a good sweaty workout.

So hey, besides rehearsing for a dance performance, this is what else (fitness-wise) that I’ve been up to!

7 Aug: Hatha Yoga @ Yoga In Sync

▷ This was my Pre-Golden Jubilee workout in preparation of everything that would go down (late nights, parties, booze) during the long weekend. Booked this with my KFit pass. Jen from Yoga In Sync was my Yogi for the hour-long Hatha session. Incidentally the class happened to be underbooked and so she became my private yoga tutor!

I suppose this ought to be mid-beginner level. As per usual, we did sun salutations, poses and deep stretches; the studio overlooks this bustling bistro/bar so I people-watched and zoned out during certain long moments where I had to hold the pose. At the end, Jen added problem-specific stretches by showing me how to cure neck-aches and stiff shoulders, which I really appreciated since she went way beyond the class hour!
KFIT Yoga In Sync

7 Aug: Pilates @ Gym N Tonic

▷ “Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance primarily in the abdominals, hips and back.  It places a strong emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment and is great for improving your core strength, flexibility, posture and balance. ”

Booked this class with my GuavaPass. Right after my session at Hatha Yoga, I travelled to the East for Pilates. I found this multi-level exercise really helpful with spinal re-alignment – if you don’t have a great posture to begin with, this could be your first major step to changing it. We did a lot of grounded floorwork with our own body weight as resistance. I was a little scared – the instructor was kinda loud and driven to push us to our limits. But that’s how all instructors oughta be. Since it’s an 8pm class, residents of the East would be more inclined to take this up.

GuavaPass Pilates

13 Aug: Swing Yoga @ MotionWerkz

▷ After hearing SO MUCH about MotionWerkz, I had to try this out myself! Booked this class with my GuavaPass. After an insane shift at work, this hour-long non-intensive workout seemed really appealing to get my blood pumping (before heading anywhere else). The aerial ropes shown in the photograph below served as really good support – even beginners who’ve never hung off a rope in mid-air would have no difficulty in inversions, hand-stands and head-stands! Which was exactly what we did. The blood rushing to my head felt good for a change after sitting for hours at my desk. The instructor was also really encouraging, and she walks around to make sure your feet are flexed in the right ways, and that nobody hurts themselves. Would definitely go back for more since it’s actually therapeutic in many ways.

GuavaPass Swing Yoga

12 Aug: Ganban-Yoku Therapy @ Anti-Oxidant Wellness

▷ I’m a regular now, and every single time I’d fall asleep in the therapy room for a whole hour. It’s that comfortable despite the heat. Waking up drenched in (non-sticky) perspiration never felt so good to me.

KFIT Ganbanyoku and Hatha Yoga

14 Aug: Hatha Yoga @ Avante – The Octagon

▷ With instructor’s thick Thai accent, the class seemed to have teleported me miles away from where I was – back in Bangkok, one of my favourite countries to be. The back bends and half-inversions stretched my back and pelvis to the point I heard my muscles screaming, but still I enjoyed it so much! This class was packed with lunch-crunch yoga-fanatics from neighbouring offices, and the energy was insane. Loved it.

17 Aug: Les Mills Sh’Bam @ VivaFit

▷ A quick half an hour warm-up, I would say. Easy routine, no stress from anybody. A very chill and simple Sh’Bam sesh.

17 Aug: Cardio Hip Hop @ Rhythmic Fitness

▷ This is when I knew my body’s ain’t so fit anywhere – when I attempt to go for multiple dance classes. Nonetheless still proud of myself for making it.

KFIT Hip Hop and Sh'Bam

Update soon.

Viktoria Jean

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