Midnight Princess – Blue Kyanite Bracelet

The Midnight Princess
La Princesse de La Nuit 


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✧ White Crystal Spacer Bead, Blue Art Deco Beads

Metaphysical Properties
✧ Calming, balance of yin-and-yang, dispel blockage

❂ Mix of 6mm and 8mm crystal beads

SGD 45
In-stock – Limited pieces
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Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite(蓝晶石)

❀ Balance of yin-and-yang
❀ Calming stone, helps with anxiety
❀ Encourage connection to higher ideas and a clear stream of thoughts

Blue Kyanite is great for busy people looking for peace, rest and re-connection with their inner thoughts. It is a grounding and energizing stone, and is said to encourage the completion of goals with joy and enthusiasm.

Healing energies of Blue Kyanite can help with physical fatigue and emotional weariness.

❂ 6mm and 8mm white turquoise crystal beads are used in this piece.



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White Turquoise, Jade and Morganite Bracelet

Encourages self-empowerment, healing, self-transformation. Please indicate wrist size at checkout, or DM me.

SGD 40.00

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Metaphysics is the philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science.

This may encompass faith healing, healing properties or energies of rocks, minerals and crystals.

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