Breathing in Snowflakes

White Christmas Russia 3

Messing around (when we could be snuggling indoors) moulding ugly snow-bunnies with near-frostbitten fingers. Subzero but not too cold – we were having too much fun to care much about freezing our asses off. Took these shots right before we paid to hide from the frosty winds in the safety of a museum cathedral, feigning interest in the obsolete which turned out to be pretty fantastic. Christmas is amazing – all about spreading love and giving. All smiles and hugs, warmth in the cold. White Christmas hurray!

White Christmas Russia 4

White Christmas Russia

White Christmas Russia 6

White Christmas Russia 2

White Christmas Russia 5

Viktoria Jean

Christmas at the Kremlin

Kremlin Moscow Red Square 2

Christmas was lovely in Moscow, a truly white experience! Sheer beauty of the Kremlin (fortress) never fails to give me the chills. The best part, we inadvertently extended festive season. Aren’t international flights kinda like time-travel? 12 hours ago it was Christmas Eve morning in Moscow as we boarded the 12-hour flight to Houston. Into the States, it was still Christmas Eve late morning in Texas when we touched down. After hotel brekkie this morning we exchanged gifts amongst the 15 of us. Life’s good.

Kremlin Moscow Red Square 3

Kremlin Moscow Red Square 1

Viktoria Jean

Moscow’s Winter Wonderland

Moscow Red Square 1

My very own white Christmas at the Red Square in Moscow – a little bit of cultural walkabout in the wet cold! Somewhere within these walls, Lenin’s Mausoleum houses the embalmed body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union. I love the reds, the space, the neons that light it up at night, and the non-conformity of these solid fortresses embracing the centre of the city. Very fortunate and lucky to spend festive season in Russia! A very blessed Merry Christmas to all!

Moscow Red Square 4

Moscow Red Square Blogger

Moscow Red Square 2

Moscow Red Square 3

Viktoria Jean

Stack ’em all Matryoshka Dolls

Russian Dolls Moscow 1

Christmas Markets at Izmailovsky on a Monday afternoon: surrounded by a coupla thousand pairs of eyes with thousands more nested within Russian Matryoshka Dolls. How adorable are these? These wooden dolls are carved and painted to resemble traditional Russian folklores, political movers and shakers, as well as pop culture rockstars. Izmailovsky peddles Soviet memorabilia, porcelain figures and fairy-talesque music boxes which sells for much more at any other touristy places, and lesson be learnt – it’s best to come back on a weekend.

Russian Dolls Moscow Blogger

Russian Dolls Moscow 2

Russian Dolls Moscow 3

Russian Dolls Moscow 4

Russian Dolls Moscow 5

Russian Dolls Moscow 6

Russian Dolls Moscow 7

Viktoria Jean

Cold coffee in the morning


Without you to hold i’ll be freezing. It’s dark in a cold December, but I’ve got you to keep me warm. Starbucks barista wrote my name in Russian, we almost missed collecting our Caramel Macchiatos! Because seriously what does it say? Can’t freaking read it. Paris Hilton was at Red Square when we were there this afternoon, freezing our asses off in the snow and rain. Yes weatherman up there you can be more merciless and confused!! Moscow, if you could, please hold off plunging any further beyond subzero while we’re here, which is, till the end of 2013.

Viktoria Jean

Travel-diary: Red Square, Moscow

Hello from Moscow!
It’s been raining a lot when we arrived, unfortunately we chose a damp, drizzly and cold summer day to go to Red Square at the heart of the city.
BUT it was pretty much worth it.




80% of the architecture here have that Turkish/Middle Eastern influence, or perhaps it is the other way round.









FYI this is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
Mandatory shot: been there, done that 😀