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♛ Scarlet Carousel

Think of your lifetime as a long carousel ride. With luck you get to mount on the ride of your choice. Some seats will always be more desired than others. Opportunities to switch may arise. The ups and downs are rhythmical and inevitable. You may choose allies to ride alongside, or choose to face this ride alone. The only way to get off is when your ride ends.

Who gets to dictate the start or the end?

A thug on the run bearing a secret he had sworn to keep from his best friend – a vagabond who built his empire from a great loss. A sidekick who’s always desired to be a hero, and the love of his life who doesn’t know it yet. A girl who is only just coming to grips with the depths of her fears, only to come face to face with her greatest nightmare.

What will unite or tear them apart in this journey, this ride of a lifetime?


(I) Reina Yamaguchi
(II) Pierre, Kim Sarkozy
(III) Jae (Song Jae Won)
(IV) Eiji Saito
(V) Noemie Matsumoto


[ oo1 ]
he rolls the strange word around his tongue, Home.
To a vagabond, the concept of belonging constantly emerges as an entirely new sensation.

[ oo2 ]
Noemie Matsumoto is accustomed to getting what she wants. A girl with a purpose.

[ oo3 ]
Life would be an endgame if we knew it all.

[ oo4 ]
You trust us to find her? Your trust is cheap.

Author’s Note: this is a 2021 reboot – some caffeine-boosted late-night attempts at injecting life into my creative soul. Updates will come. All comments welcome.


✦ Dangerous Mind

The blackholes in the deep recesses of your mind, secrets you never wished to hide.
The lovers you never want to remember and the history you can never leave behind.
You can’t run further if you’ve only been escaping your own mind.

| oo1 | cuz paranoia is the only friend I know

| oo2 | take my hand and come away

| oo3 | in so many ways we live to follow the sun

| oo4 | wanderers to nowhere at all

| oo5 |

| oo6 |

| oo7 |

A/N: Reposting a novella written in 2007.
Pardon the amateurity and bits of girlish-ness.
To be updated…



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