Stack ’em all Matryoshka Dolls

Russian Dolls Moscow 1

Christmas Markets at Izmailovsky on a Monday afternoon: surrounded by a coupla thousand pairs of eyes with thousands more nested within Russian Matryoshka Dolls. How adorable are these? These wooden dolls are carved and painted to resemble traditional Russian folklores, political movers and shakers, as well as pop culture rockstars. Izmailovsky peddles Soviet memorabilia, porcelain figures and fairy-talesque music boxes which sells for much more at any other touristy places, and lesson be learnt – it’s best to come back on a weekend.

Russian Dolls Moscow Blogger

Russian Dolls Moscow 2

Russian Dolls Moscow 3

Russian Dolls Moscow 4

Russian Dolls Moscow 5

Russian Dolls Moscow 6

Russian Dolls Moscow 7

Viktoria Jean

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