Life and Complexity

Growing up, I’ve always known life and people as never ever being simple. Nothing is simple on this planet. Civilisations thrived on complexities and emergence from chaos because human beings are not single-celled amoebas with mere basic needs. Humans have wants, demands, commands, and moments of self-aggrandizement. Kinships and relationships have since the beginning of time fallen apart right before our eyes. Feuds, wars, and people stripped of lives and dignities – the complex universal state of things.

Books paved the way for my indulgence through which I live multiple lives and transcend time, living and reliving complexity. I never want to be directly involved for that just brings so much hurt and indignation from all involved parties. For instance, how a son can indirectly murder a parent as did my estranged relatives (whom we severed ties with), or how cousins can plot to rape another cousin; to any kid the world would never look the same again. Perhaps that ignited in me the need to understand the essential human psyche – every resident twisted inch of darkness and morbidity we all have, in multitudes of shapes and sizes, hidden in various nooks and crannies within our minds.
I can’t help scoffing (albeit silently, in my head) when people mention that life is simple. They’re of course entitled to their opinions, but I know that from my perspective nothing is one-dimensional. Even the most trivial occurrences have lasting consequences.
An insignificant pinprick in a balloon will deflate its fullness in no time. A hairline crack on a vase devalues it indefinitely. An opinion, whether right or wrong, can wrap it’s tendrils so tightly around the nodes of one’s associative mind that impressions on a perceiver lasts a lifetime. Tangible or intangible changes are highly ineradicable complexities.
When particle states within a time-zone shifts, it becomes permanent in the universal condition. As long as a shift has taken place, a state of matter can never return to its original form.
Life is complex, don’t seek to disambiguate. There’s more dynamic meaning in a chaotic flux than statically living in comfort, happiness and pleasantries.
Just me and my thoughts,

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