Photo – Dr Cafe Coffee

Attended to some matters for the entire day, since 8:30am. Can’t believe it’s way more brain-damaging than school. 
Picking up the slack on studying, I’ve found a new awesome place called DR CAFE COFFEE. The baristas are extremely cordial and nice; they asked if I’m there to study, then made the effort to bring my drink to me. 

Also, second time that they’ve given me the free drink voucher. When I left, they asked me to come back tomorrow. Love the place! Especially since it isn’t chock-full of human beings on weekdays. The coffee, in my opinion, is way stronger and authentically coffee-beanish than Starbucks. Also sweeter and less icy. But their Mocha Frappe tastes exactly like the Coffee Frappe. Perhaps it’s just my taste buds.

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