People and Perversion

Never thought I had potential to be a rich man’s mistress. 

Was hit on by a man old enough to be my grandfather who used all kinds of compliments to my figure, fashion sense, face & skin, and hair. From our conversation (polite on my part) I gathered his interest in cars, possession of Ferraris and interest in buying over estates and property. He also invited me to a Wavehouse party, some expensive place for lunch and high tea. 

Well, I don’t need a comfortable Ferrari ride from Paragon to Mandarin Orchard, which is just across the road. I happen to have legs, which a few minutes ago you’d complimented.
Also, why must you appeal to me looking like a clubbing veteran?

BUT….He spiked my interest, for I have this uncanny obsession with the dark sides to people. I just want to know why, if he should have a wife waiting for him back home, would he hit on younger girls? Is this some kind of male pride, a mere trait we unglamorously label as perversion when it is nothing short of characteristic of the male species?
Not sure if I should be flattered by his attempt at picking me up. From Starbucks of all places. 
He commented that I had the looks and talent to become a model, a fashion designer, and am most likely a very artistic person, just by looking at my cup of caramel macchiato, my pile of books and novels, and me. 
Have been meeting tonnes of personalities lately. This is a first. 
As far as my obsession with people observation goes, I am actually intrigued to encounter such strange people, to discover what makes them tick. 

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