Photo – Autumn

Wind in your face, leaves in your hair, raindrops in your undergarments. 
Wonderments of being this close to earthly nature, don’t you now wish to touch the sky?
Autumn is lovely. Wherefore art thou, four seasons? 

Can’t help replaying the engaging talk with a senior management whom I warmed up easily to. Felt cheered up and inspired although he’d turned the tables on reality and told me the ugly truth about perceived glamour.

When asked about my growing up years, I confessed to loving every new cultural experience, indulgence in books, dance, arts, philosophy and the likes. Surprisingly, he gave me similar feedback on how he loves Latin Dancing.

The weirdest thing was how he expressed intrigue in how I am a people observer by nature. It’s like he hit the nail on the spot, and I went on to give him a fair enough evaluation of his passion and dedication to his craft. At some point he challenged my views on the human psyche, and this talk became one of the most fascinating ones I’ve had in a while. Will be chewing on these thought nuggets for a long time this autumn.

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