167. firearms and vicious cycles

Was just talking to Angela about catastrophes and the world ending even without incurring the wrath of Mother Nature.

With a little less hate, violence, cruelty, viciousness, backstabbing, lies and treachery, the world would probably be less suffocating. Just plain sad that parents in the States have to live in constant fear of their kids being in danger, possibly leading to further vicious cycles of weapons, arming their kids etc.

Yes, prolong the hate, people.

Strangest thing about the latest shooting is that, according to the NYTimes, the slain mother owned the deadly assault weapons…what is wrong with people who are supposed to be the exemplary models?!?!

Really do wonder what’s it like in the Golden Age or if that even exists in plain truth, because people as we know now have zero qualms about intentionally hurting someone else for their own interests, and that plain disgusts the hell out of me.

Being able to live with a tainted, stained conscience is why a world without firearms,  weapons of mass destruction is scarcely possible.

“Victoria Soto was a teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her friends and family say she died protecting her students by hiding them in a closet and then shielding them when the gunman appeared. She was 27 years old.” 

RIP, all you unsung heroes.

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