“live by your own rules”

In my first year at NUS, I made a friend first day at Statistics class.

Standing outside lab trying not to look lost, this guy pointed me in the right direction,
then held out the door for me (I still remember okay!)

I sat next to him, and because I sucked at programming,
he helped me with the shitty SPSS when I was totally lost trying to key in all the crazy running numbers.
Later on he said he “recognized me as a Blast dancer who practices every night along AS7”
(I used to…and totally miss those days).
He bboyed there on rehearsal nights.

We ended up talking and becoming project-mates.
My favourite project group in all my semesters!
Somewhere along the way he also became my BFF.
WEIHAN!! This is a thank you post.

I mean it.
For always stalking me when you’re concerned,
telling me jokes to break my icy-coldness.
For listening to my rants.
For not questioning my emotionlessness.
For saving me seats? For the silent concern.
For holding back laughter when I fall asleep in class (all the time).

On better days, I looked like the walking dead but haven’t I always?

Thank you for always making sure I’m okay,
even when I think I acted like a bitch or something.
For making me feel better with weihan-ology and twisted philosophy which somehow seemed right,
and if all else fails, making me laugh out loud with
‘grassmudhorse’, ‘haters gon’ hate’, yada yada ‘go ___ themselves’,
and other nonsensical spam.
Talking to me with my best interests in mind.

Your icy heartless BFF is indeed stronger than steel – nothing and noone can break me!
I hope you read this because although I’m nothing at the moment,
one day I will write a proper book and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be in it.

I’ll never forget that one time I gave him such a scare, he told me to wait right there for him,
because I was crying so hard I could say nothing without choking.
And you were thinking This cold emotionless bitch actually has this side to her.

I’m the world’s worst best friend but I know,
if I’m ever in any form of deep shit,
he’d throw everything aside to listen to this BFF
hiding behind her shades in Starbucks on a Friday night.

I’ve never actually forgotten all your (sometimes ill) advice and prophecies.

You are an awesome BFF, even with all the weird, unexpected things you tell me about life and __.

Go forth, headhunter, and we’ll have coffee in a strange land someday!

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