shanghai march ’13


Busy streets, busy lives.


Vintage gardens of the Shanghainese.
Short peaceful roundabout by the river~

Before heading for the best Xiaolongbao/pork dumplings settlement  in the city 😀DSCN0347


Palm-sized dumplings, sipped with a straw. DSCN0353

Foodgasmic contents~DSCN0355


International symbol of comfort,
source of caffeine sustenance:
my desperate attempt at staying on high alert for a night flightDSCN0365

Feels right at home.
Cafes do have that power of teleportation;
the right ambience and there you have it – instant comfort.

Warming our hands in the cold. Brr.DSCN0371

A little tinge of winter in England, no?DSCN0387


Green city, concrete state


And more pretty vintage Chinese buildings…DSCN0330
Hotel comfort 🙂

Published by VIKTORIA JEAN

"Do you see the story? Do you see anything?... It seems to me I am trying to tell you a dream - making a vain attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream sensation... No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one's existence - that which makes its truth, its meaning - its subtle and penetrating essence. It is impossible. We live, as we dream - alone." Marlow in Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad.

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