never underestimate your own magic

Today I started off with a very simple goal:
to be the reason behind a stranger’s smile.
All I needed to do was simple,
but the task itself could range from easy-peasy to downright impossible.

But you know what?
I saw a whole lot of smiles today that reflected how uncomplicated
a simple gesture of goodness could be.
It’s magical to create that ripple effect
by going out of the way for somebody else
and I thought, hey,
this satisfaction was worth every effort it took to create it.

To top it of like a Maraschino cherry on a chocolate fudge sundae,
the happiness doesn’t end when my job is done for the day.
I felt good for the rest of the journey, at the hotel,
sightseeing, and the way back.
I hope everyone else gets to feel that way too.
It’s indescribable.

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