Auckland May 2013

We had a longer staycation in the capital of New Zealand
where the sun sets at 5 late afternoon
and it’s comfortably cold without needing heavy coats.
Some visual simulation of Auckland’s big city sophistication
as captured from my lenses… here we go!

The reknowned SkyTower in Auckland, right around the building next to our place.

As always, I’m cafe-hunting~

If only I had my daring friends with me, I’d totally jump at this AND the SkyTower bungee.

The place where we had lovely mussels and french fries in the evening!

Major shopping districts,
with very beautifully laid out seating zones in the central square

Espresso and caffeine fixes in every little corner!

I’m in love with buildings that are quaint, quirky, unconventional,
pretty, pink or special.

Walked all the way to the harbour where the ferry terminal was.

Prettiest ferry terminal I’ve ever seen.

Great motto


Best mussels I have ever had…had them at the Occidental, a bar where people go to drink, even if it’s only 5pm.

Staycation rations to tide me through my snacking compulsions
hurhur this is why I am never skinny!!!

Sunset was an amazing sight to behold.
It was barely 6pm then.

Probably headed back to New Zealand soon.
I love this place.

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