superficial plastic people

Written 10 May 2011, entitled superficial plastic people

All ready to put things behind, and accept that some people are just not who they seem to be. If everyone were to drop all pretense there would be much less politics and conspiracies. But then again the world would be so freaking dangerous because nobody controls themselves or bothers to hide their feelings and urges.
Wonder if this goes to show as a display of elitist tendencies but it makes me laugh out loud when people claim to have given it their all when they haven’t even touched their limits, let alone push their boundaries. Is that all you can do?
Things are much simpler now that you’re no longer a friend. You made the first move. Zero obligations on my end to hold on to any remaining threads of sympathy or concern.
But freaking hell I have no sympathy and patience for weak guys. Grow up and get a life.
The end 🙂

Reading old journal entries is like discovering another side of me — forgotten recollections embedded further and further in the deeper recesses of my mind as life throws more shit — in this case more superficial plastic people — at me.

Almost 2 years down the road, same shit, different day.

Over the past year, I’ve gained and lost respect for a lot of people, but none the wiser, I wouldn’t change a thing.
I find that the people who believe in you will eventually return and those are the ones who are worth the fight.

Finding peace with yourself, and accepting people for who they are (having to meet almost 600 people each time I go to work), is in itself very cathartic.
I love where I’m standing right now, looking forward and on.

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