Turn around, bright eyes

A year ago, I plucked up the courage to go for a job interview. Too much unhappiness and batshit craziness was going on, and I wanted fresh air, a change of life when I could no longer see myself carrying on in that way. I went without any expectations, knowing I wouldn’t be so hard-up even if they reject me at some point. Furthermore I was still months away from graduation and they might not accept me anyway.

Clearly I was unprepared – everyone else was all dressed up, sleek chignon or French twists – while I had my casual blazer, shorts, tights and sneakers. Plus I looked so out of place in blonde-yellow messy hair (what was I thinking?!?!)

Honestly I was exhilarated to go through round after round as people were being eliminated left right centre —  about 6 interview rounds in total for the first day, another 3 the following day and a subsequent medical check. Was able to meet new people with whom I’m still in contact and are currently flying as well.

Till now I’m still really glad I’d grabbed my certs, made the ballsy move to go alone, and left a part of myself that has kept me cocooned for a while.
Sometimes you have to make a change to realize, that the safety of comfort zone can be wearing you out.

Turnaround, every now and then
I get a little bit restless and I dream of something wild

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