Received these messages in my inbox and would hereby like to reply them! Sorry if your message was from some time ago…and thank you for leaving them!:) Appreciated!

“…Your goodreads library is massive! Who’s your favourite author and why?” – housdencintia
Thanks!! I love Haruki Murakami ever since I picked up Wind-Up Bird Chronicle about 6 years ago. He’s big on magical realism and twisted realities, so much so that the world he creates becomes very real and imaginable. How about yourself??

“…How do you maintain your gd complexion when you always travel? Any particular brands you use? Would love to share some skincare tips with you and hear about yours.” –basia
Recently I picked up Vichy’s Idealia line from London, and it seems pretty useful! Have been using Laneige (from Korea) and also Kiehl’s 24hr moisture for quite some time now…jetlag is a bitch and makes my skin blotchy & terrible. Do let me know what tips you have for me:)

“I enjoy reading your stuff and from the way you write, you’ve got the brains and looks. Your boyfriend must be a very lucky guy!;)” –shannonholtz
Thank you for the compliment, but what makes you think I’m attached? ☺ Really glad you enjoy reading whatever it is I have been posting and I hope it has kept you entertained!

-“…I see you’ve been to Maldives and lotsa cool places. DO share more travel tips about these places? Especially it’s rare for girls to travel alone to such areas.” – rytisliu
Firstly, I don’t travel alone! 🙂 My travel tips will usually consist of: never keep all your cash stashed in the same place, and always bring extra knickers! Is it really rare for girls to travel to Maldives?? I see it as a very couple/honeymoon oriented island. Plus it’s a really cool place!!

-“…certain pictures are lacking in focus. What camera are you using?” – denisepaolo
My brother’s Nikon Coolpix with inbuilt world map and GPS! Not the best, plus I’m not a trained photographer, but I love this camera because I went scuba-diving with it. This baby goes 33ft under 🙂

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