Living out of a Suitcase

Guess what?! I’ve decided on a long solo trip to Incheon!! Wildly excited about cafè-hopping in Hongdae, Gangnam, Itaewon and Sinchon. Even more psyched about taking dance classes in Korea. Plus I will be doing what I do best: living out of a suitcase! Perhaps I will meet Krispy, dance partner Rasoo and blast! dancers in Seoul since I’ll be making my way there sometime in March. And everyone else can only make it in April?

I hope to share my trip with anyone who might be interested, thus I’ll be posting a cafè itinerary! To be honest, I’m taking pointers from the cafès in Korea because I hope to start up my own in Bangkok or somewhere in South East Asia one day. Been polishing up on my rusty Korean abilities, and am confident about surviving this solo trip. Wish me luck!!

This year, I can finally cross Cafè-Hopping in Seoul off my bucket-list. Hope everyone’s been doing great these days. 2014 is looking promising, ain’t it? Chins up people. When you love life, it almost always loves you back.

Viktoria Jean

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