[AMSTERDAM] Keukenhof Gardens Part Five

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Roses are Red

Little Girl and her Tulips

Lakeside Lisse

Flowers and fields of tulips aside, Keukenhof has this little niche shops where they sell bulbs, seeds, seedlings and pots of yet-to-blossom flowers. I brought home a tiny pot of water hyacinth and some mauve tulips to grow on my own, but mostly my mom’s the one who’s really excited about watching it bloom! Bulbs

Hercules Plant

Bulbs from Netherlands

There’s also this petting farm with ducks, chickens, cocks, cows, horses and sheep. Stinks like a zoo too.Keukenhof Ducks

Keukenhof Ducks

Keukenhof Chicken

Keukenhof Farm

Keukenhof Touching Farm

Keukenhof Petting Zoo

Keukenhof Horse

Keukenhof Cow

A really expensive and small vanilla cone to counter-battle the drizzling cold weather.Keukenhof Icecream

Windmill – Keukenhof GardensKeukenhof WIndmill

A beautiful Emily Dickinson poem we came across on the way home.Keukenhof Quotes Tulip

Keukenhof Tickets

Many more pictures to come! I’ve filtered out my selfies and those pictures with me included, because those flowers on their own are too charismatic, I’ll just destroy their natural beauty.

Keukenhof Gardens
Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands

Viktoria Jean

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