SEOUL DIARIES 024: Seoul Fashion Week

Viktoria Jean Li in Korea - Seoul Fashion Week

Sometime ago, I was in Seoul.


And I got to experience the rush of Seoul Fashion Week.P1010453


Of course Milan was way better, because the glamour and excitement was literally in the air whereas the activities were concentrated and somewhat limited to the big fashion hubs at Myeongdong. Most local designers were alongside big names on the runway and I knew few and close to none of the indie ones.

What a pity the shows were so few and far between!

I’ve been so caught up with life and neglecting this virtual space. Now that my writing gigs are on hold, I’m thinking way more about the future and which post-grad schools to apply to. I don’t even know if I should go back to studying or stay in this comfort-zone a little longer. Everyone tells me “you’re still young, you have so much time” but why don’t I feel the same? Darn easy it is to fall into living life as it is, going with the flow that has already been set in rhythm. Ultimately what I feel I have is not a safety net. It’s a trap.

Keep working or take my masters? Somebody please enlighten me.

Viktoria Jean

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