Adventures in Auckland

To sum up my third Auckland experience:

1. Mediocre room service from Crowne Plaza at 2am local time. Great chips, over-fried snapper fish. But still yum-in-my-tum after 10-hours in the skies.20140608-172649-62809783.jpg

2. 15°C in the day, with the sun out. What more can you ask for?20140608-172650-62810755.jpg

3. My favourite cereals and the works – late-night snacking essentials.20140608-172651-62811620.jpg

4. Thumping the threadmill late evening before another round of fish-and-chips, kiwi-style. Definitely calls for gymming over-time.20140608-172652-62812491.jpg

5. Strawberries and Cream Frappucino! What more can I say, I love this shit. It’s ice-cream, milk, strawberries, fresh cream all in a cup.20140608-172653-62813667.jpg

6. Late-night gossip with awesome colleagues. Talking stuffs only we understand, surrounding ourselves with quizzical stares when we burst into maniacal laughter. 20140608-172654-62814403.jpg


7. Brunch is Japanese food, again! (We did Japanese the day before as well) They seem to love Japanese food down-south because these joints are everywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Katsu Chicken Curry with a lemony-twist. Loved it. 20140608-172655-62815301.jpg

The whole lot more doesn’t come with pictures. I don’t love Auckland particularly but the place definitely has its perks. Someday soon I would get ballsy enough to do that SkyTower bungee jump.

Viktoria Jean

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