Viktoria Jean Li - Seoul

Located at a secluded corner in Gangnam district, Morning Guesthouse is virtually invisible to the foreign tourist. It took me a good hour and a half to track down Jaeyeong Building on foot from Gangnam Station in the sweltering summer heat. They have got quite a number of rooms in pigeon-hole sizes, each equipped with a private toilet, study desks, refrigerator, bed and closet. Like the Japanese, Koreans are extremely efficient allocators of space – they really don’t waste any. In any case, welcome to my humble abode!

I love Korean guesthouses for their budget-friendliness, privacy, and availability of on-site assistance , as should tenants require any help the guesthouse owners will always be nearby. Morning Guesthouse is located on the 2nd floor of Jaeyeong Building. On the outside, the stairwell is narrow and very simply decorated. 20140701-151329-54809492.jpg20140701-151328-54808620.jpg
Honestly I hadn’t expected such a tiny space. It’s literally the size of my bathroom at home. I couldn’t get a full picture of the room’s interiors because it’s just too small for me to stand anywhere else!! Strange enough, I haven’t got a trashbin anywhere in sight. And the toilet doors are cranky. Oh well. For a couple of days, I guess this is fine.




Meanwhile it’s time for my extremely tired body to crash and recuperate. Ciao~

Viktoria Jean

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