A weekday morning nonetheless sees throngs of students, tourists and locals alike flocking to the harbourside. Gastronomically, they only have the best! The best raved-about restaurants and eateries on UrbanSpoonAustralian Good Food Site, and TripAdvisor can be found this side of town.

Winter at Darling Harbour: chilly, breezy and picturesque. Named after Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, Governor of New South Wales from 1825 to 1831, the harbour is not only a key attraction on its own, but home to many of Sydney’s major tourist sites – Paddy’s Markets, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Aquarium, Madame Tussauds and the Australian National Maritime Museum to name a few!

20140719-203847-74327428.jpg 20140719-203846-74326508.jpgAnd on a cold morning we walked (really quickly) from The Star to Darling Harbour! Along the harbour, you’d see pirate ships, navy warships, submarines, fishing boats, and many more floating vessels. One of ’em photos that you must take at least once in your lifetime, featuring Sydney’s alluring CBD coastline:20140719-203848-74328475.jpg 20140719-203845-74325571.jpg 20140719-203850-74330459.jpg 20140719-203849-74329534.jpg 20140719-203851-74331524.jpg

In the vicinity is Sydney’s highly-acclaimed Chinatown. It is not much to say that it’s barely more than a street, with a reputation for very good Vietnamese noodles (as told to me by a Sydney born-and bred-businessman now residing in Singapore) and also Emperor’s Cream Puffs! (as recommended by Cass!) Yummy~ 20140719-204031-74431907.jpg20140719-204030-74430280.jpg 20140719-204031-74431131.jpg

Never a dull moment in Sydney~20140719-203844-74324700.jpg

Darling Harbour
Sydney NSW 2000

Viktoria Jean

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