[DIARY] A Well-Intended Closure

Viktoria Jean in Paris - Eiffel

Been a while since I last saw the likes of my WordPress interface. Most unfortunately the whole of last month was a whirlwind of flights, school (which I detest thanks to very uninspiring professors) and social activities I’ve been meaning to keep up with. Suddenly, it’s December, and the we’ve all hit the final chapter in 2014. Despite it being the last leg of the year, I’m determined to end this with a bang.

Lessons I’ve learnt from these couple of months:

(a) heading back to school isn’t always the best idea. Sinking back into the academic hermit-shell has cost me an expensive and important lesson, and opened my eyes to a whole new world of people I don’t wish to emulate. I don’t wish to elaborate either so let’s just close this quarter of a chapter.

(b) in the grand scheme of things, people aren’t always prepared to be self-sacrificing. In fact, that dog-eat-dog world will never cease to exist.

(c) you’ve gotta find your niche in life and it’s never too late.


Like everyone out there I’m still trying to summon the strength and courage to see what I really want to pursue in life, and what I’m really meant to do. A pessimist is perpetually stuck with a dead-end perspective of life. An optimist however sees no end to learning. We never should stop discovering new facts about ourselves, others and the world around us. Therefore, although the year is ending and we’re one step closer to a whole new calendar, it’s time for brand new inspirations.

Who’s with me?

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