Cocoa Colony Singapore – #WhoLovesCocoa ?!

Cocoa Colony Singapore - Viktoria Jean

Couple of weeks ago, I had an smashing time at 313 Somerset’s Cocoa Colony. Literally, with a hammer to prove. It was a party both in my mouth and stomach at the media event – from liquid cocoa taste tests, to making our own chocolate desserts, and smashing their signature bolas. My inner chocoholic was in heaven.

Ain’t no new kid on the block, Cocoa Colony’s beans have been around since the 1800s. Barely 2 years since their first flagship store, 6 other stores have popped up island-wide at The Star Vista, Great World City, The Cathay, Suntec City Mall, Shaw Centre and City Square. While the chocolate cafe idea’s pretty well-endowed in other countries, thus far, Max Brenner and Cocoa Colony are the only big players here.

So we got to try their signature drinks menu: Cocoa 38 smelt and tasted a lot like fragrant diluted Milo;  Cocoa 76 was my favourite as it isn’t too sweet or thick (loved it!); Cocoa 100 was like viscous molten chocolate which was a bit hard to swallow but to each his own. Some of us loved the 100. Naturally, Bailey’s rock every drink, so Bailey’s Cocoa inspired my new cocktail mix: Bailey’s Milo Dinosaur.

We were also really lucky to get a taste from the Amazonian Liquid Gold chocolate tap! (Oh gosh thank you) Imagine a beer tap and you get the idea – we got our fill of white and dark chocolate from a free-flow tap possibly connected to underground tanks of chocolate like a well-kept secret.

Moving on to their mains, Cocoa Colony’s smaller portions might not be satisfying for those seeking a filling meal – it’s however perfect for tea. Savoury sides were fantastic companions to our sweet escapade, so something to munch on never hurts.

Pictures here we go.

So we smashed a bola or two:

the crispy inners were like Chinese biscuits – the really yummy ones that only surface annually at Lunar New Year house visits.
   Satisfaction at smashing balls – great stress relief don’t you think?

For true-blue cocoaholic-converts out there (which I trust you soon would be), these gorgeous Cocoa Colony paraphenalia are available in-store at each and every outlet.
   (customised chocolates for us! Thank you Cocoa Colony. Much love)
  At some point in life everybody needs wisdom, wealth and love advice. But chocolate trumps all.

Went back for a cocoa fix just this week! We tried the Iced Hazelnut Cocoa, and the Iced Cocoa Shakerato. According to my friend, the former tasted like melted down Ferrero Rocher. So, so dope.


Viktoria Jean

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