[MUA] ‘Bruised Eye’

This I call the “Bruised-eye”, inspired by late nights and unfortunate accelerated growth of dark eye-bags. I used to believe blues and greys would make a pale girl look like she’s a foot from her grave, but it’s all in matching the right lipstick shade. In my honest opinion, I haven’t gone quite bruise-eyed enough. I could have gone deeper if this hadn’t been a casual gym day.

Viktoria Jean Li Makeup
Banila Co. Brow Auto-Pencil in Red Brown
Banila Co. BrowCara in Deep Brown

Too Faced Cosmetics Return Of Sexy eye palette Blues
Makeup Forever Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow in Aqua Black

Physician’s Formula Magic Mosaic in Warm Beige/Light Bronzer

Fasio – Sparkling Wine

Banilo Co. CC Cream
Amila Pure Satin Matte Foundation in Cool #1

I’ve had this Too Faced palette for 2 years now, and the shades never go out of season. The browns are great for a nude, warm day look; the purples work perfectly when I feel a tad bolder; and the blue/greys are my go-to cool-tones. Though it’s bulky to carry around, I used to travel with these because without them I feel unarmed. My favourite shades? The shimmery gold, and glittery midnight black.

The Return Of Sexy palette

return of sexy too faced palette

So they got a little smudged after working out. asian smokey eye viktoria jean

makeup blogger

  This FASIO lippie was purchased in Japan a good 2 years ago, and I don’t even remember the exact shade name. The sparkly purple is pigmented just adequately to coat my lips with a thin sheen.

fasio lipstick  Love how this sparkles on my yellow-tinged fair skin. Yay to mauve lippies with blue-undertones.

So I had a great run. A day of good endorphins demands a snap.

This video doesn’t exist

I’d better go to bed to salvage this bruised eye situation.

Goodnight y’all.
Viktoria Jean

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