The Flower Gem of Singapore– A Better Florist

I had the pleasure of reviewing A Better Florist- Singapore’s most innovative florist. I like to get my facts straight, so I dove in deep into research mode.

I started by visiting their social media and website. Right off the bat, I could see why so many people refer to it as best florist in Singapore. There it was; a heaven of flowers. Picture after picture of gorgeous, fresh and vibrant blooms, just staring at me, begging me to order them.

I was delighted with what I saw. Their designs are unusual and authentic, and it really shows that their florists know what they’re doing. I enjoyed scrolling through their selection on the website. It was short and sweet. Each arrangement and bundle had a cute name, a short description and the price listed right beside it. It’s very convenient and easy to make a choice, especially if you’re looking for something special for Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Singapore.

This flower shop started out as a typical flower stand Singapore is used to seeing, and it developed into a great flower business, that really stands out. All of their flowers seem so fresh, and there’s a reason behind it. They grow their blooms on a farm on Cameron Highlands, and once they are ready, they are delivered straight to their flower shops. This makes them fresh and long lasting. If you ask me, when you pay for flowers, you want to have them around for as long as possible.

By that time, I was convinced that it was the best florist in Singapore. And then, I read about the best flower delivery in Singapore. A Better Florist took it yet another step further, and made their delivery super-fast. You can order right now, and they will deliver it on the same day, within only 90 minutes! That’s a truly outstanding service and I applaud them for their idea of being the only 24 hour florist in Singapore. That’s something Singapore never experienced before, not when it comes to flower shops.

There’s no doubt a cheap bouquet Singapore florist can craft is something that we’re used to, but A Better Florist has the ideal balance between crafting luxurious blooms and still keeping the prices affordable.

Naturally, I wanted to find out more. I wanted to see what others had to say about them, and whether they are as popular as they seem to be. I was later surprised to find out that they are also well known beyond Singapore. They are considered the best florist in Hong Kong and the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, by several reputable sources.

This information came in handy, because I love to travel. And, if I can depend on the best flower delivery in Hong Kong like I do in Singapore, why not? If you’re looking for a Dubai flower delivery and Hong Kong flower delivery, make sure to track down A Better Florist.

I would be glad to see their flower chain expand to the entire world, since they really did surprise me, and I highly recommend it to all. Not just travellers, but all the people who get the chance to experience all that A Better Florist team has to offer.


Viktoria Jean

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  1. Your local flower shop in the US can typically have flowers delivered anywhere in the world. They usually have a great network of resources to take care of any flower delivery needs.


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