French Gothic Acrylic Nails Tutorial – Nailed It!

Styling my nails today with a French Gothic-inspired manicure. With a few simple tools, anyone can give their nails a good TLC at home!

What I’m using in today’s video:

♡ Gelish Colours:

  1. Loritta #25, #28, #37
  2. Harmony Gelish #28, #1325

♡ Acrylic Nail Tips * UV/LED Curing Lights: bought online

♡ Nail Glue: MXBON Pro’s Choice
♡ Foil Transfer Glue: Cokekou

♡ Nail Deco and Accessories: my own as shown

I’ve done my own gelish nails for the past 7 years and have constantly been honing my craft as there are infinite beautiful ways to beautify a set of acrylic nails.
Stay tuned for more nails love, hauls and DIY hobbyist crafts!

P.S. My right pinky was injured hence only my left hand was involved in the beautification.


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