Green Envy Acrylic Manicure Tutorial – Nailed It!

Who else loves their greens? Go from OL to party with this set of manicure.
Incorporated floral elements into this earthy design with a touch of youthful pop lime.
With a few simple tools, anyone can give their nails a good TLC at home!

What I’m using in today’s video:

♡ Gelish Colours:

  1. Loritta #37, #38
  2. Loritta Gel Tub #06

♡ Acrylic Nail Tips * UV/LED Curing Lights: bought online

♡ Nail Glue: MXBON Pro’s Choice
♡ Foil Transfer Glue: Cokekou

♡ Nail Deco and Accessories: my own as shown

Stay tuned for more nails love coming up!


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