Boob Talk: Spectra S1+ vs Hegen Double Electric

The Spectra S1+ and Hegen double electric pump were my breast friends for the first months of my boy’s new life.

Every new mother will do extensive research on breast pumps. Likewise, I read hundreds of reviews from multiple sites and new mothers forums before purchasing what I trust will suit my lifestyle preferences. I’ve been meaning to share this for a while, and I hope my organic, non-sponsored opinions will help some new mothers out there make informed choices.

Hegen vs Spectra 2
Based on my pump schedule, I expressed with the Spectra S1+ & Spectra hands-free cups at last 3 times a day if the baby doesn’t latch. The hospital-grade suction is enough to prevent any blocked ducts and mastitis which I only experienced once when I slept past my middle-of-the-night session.

To help me stay motivated to breastfeed, I had the Spectra S1+ and hands-free cups ready to use at home, and the Hegen in my bag on-the-go.

Worried about keeping up with milk supply after returning to work from 2 months of maternity leave, portability was a key factor for my mobile breast pump and Hegen was at the top of my list.

I loved that I could carry the palm-sized Hegen pump discreetly without drawing attention. Everything fits into a two-layered cooler bag: the top layer houses my nursing cover and lots of wet wipes; the bottom layer stores all my pump parts and expressed milk containers.

As pictured, the Hegen pump is incredibly portable compared to the kettle-bell Spectra pump that would take up the entire bottom layer.

Hegen vs Spectra 1

If there’s one thing I regretted for my first kid, it was cutting my breastfeeding journey short. But there’s no do-over in life, and I’m keeping these for my next kid.

What I love about the Hegen PCTO double electric:

Hegen’s pump is essentially palm-sized and much easier to lug around (230g compared to the 2kg Spectra S1+), with many pump settings to adjust to my preferences.

Adding to its discreet factor, the motor noise level is low (quieter than S1+ I would say), and the entire Hegen set is aesthetically pleasing, that it certainly cheers me up when I needed to pump on the go.

I’ve used the Hegen pump as a neck massager too since the suction using the kneading ring resembles TCM cupping. It’s relieved some of my baby-carrying aches and my sore wrists.

Hegen’s PCTO (push to close, twist to open) bottles feel sturdy as well, but I’ve not purchased the teats to go along so no comments on that.

What I dislike about Hegen pump:

Suction on massage mode is just so weak, I’ve not had any successful letdown, whereas massage mode on Spectra S1+ always stimulates a quick letdown. Hegen’s battery seems to die off after 3 pumps (20 minutes per session), so if I’m out the entire day, I’ll need to recharge once I’m back.

The Hegen ecosystem isn’t as well-established so there aren’t any compatible hands-free cups BUT Spectra’s hands-free set works with the Hegen pump, using Spectra’s original tubing and no need for insert! I wish Hegen would develop their own hands-free sets in pink though.

I love that Hegen is a home-grown Singaporean brand, established by a mom who understands breastfeeding woes, but the price point is high for most of Hegen’s products. The Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump set which I bought retails at SGD450 – it’s a lot of money considering that new parents have so much to buy. Their feeding bottles costs SGD 46 for 2, and that’s almost the price of four Philips AVENT bottles that I eventually invested in. Breast pump parts wear out so fast with frequent expressing, so it’s quite taxing on the wallet to replace any spare parts.

I’ve been using Philips AVENTS bottles for the past 10 months and replace the teats and bottles every 2-3 months for hygiene purposes. So Hegen wouldn’t be as cost-effective in this case.

What I love about Spectra S1+:

Hands down, I’ve had the best yields with Spectra. The battery life is incredible, with a single charge lasting 8-9 pumps (each session ~20 minutes). There’s a nightlight function on the S1+ as well, for those late night pump sessions when your little one and your other half are asleep beside you.

The Spectra ecosystem is so well-established that many brands have compatible parts that work with Spectra S1+. Hands-free cups have been a major saviour since Day One. I could eat, drink, type, read, prepare formula milk, pat my baby, rock him to sleep, all while hooked up to my S1+. The cups sit snugly behind all kinds of bras so there’s no need for specific hands-free bras. I’ve been meaning to try out Medela and Legendairy’s hands-free cups after using Spectra’s, but my spare sets never got worn out. Next kid it is!

Both pumps are double electric, with options to pump just one boob if your little one is feeding on the other.

Just my thoughts!


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