o92. photodiary (with gratitude)

Completed my last dance session with the KK Hospital Staff, and I think I’ll be seeing them again very soon!
They’re such good role models for me although I’m there to guide them in dance- some of them aren’t at an age where you’d expect them to bounce along to hiphop or kpop songs. Nonetheless their enthusiasm keeps me energized! And I know they start their day at work as early as I start mine in school. Hence if they have the energy to stay smiley so can I!
Hope they enjoyed the process and that they’ll continue to dance (I know some of them definitely will! hehe…)

Received this cuddly thing from Soh Gin, Adeline, Linda, Meghan and Christine ^^ so sweet of them!

And this doe-eyed penguin from Mychelle hehe! Its eyes are HUUGE
Adorbs!!~ the eyes are sooo glassy.

Love these, & love the thoughts more! Thank you for the appreciation!:) I enjoyed myself for the past weeks~


Been literally a full-filling weekend…korean food feast and durian puffs (from Clement) with the CJ family!

SO much food!! We had about a gazillion pints of icecream as a crew earlier (courtesy of laoshi~)…food bonds people. That moment when all you’re thinking of is how to chew and swallow…simplest pleasures in life.

Ate out with my family on Sunday. I only get to eat with them as a family once a month….!

Thanks to my brother, I got an early dose of sugar high this morning…!

Check out what’s lighting up my room right now as I check my phone in bed, in semi-darkness.

Makes me wanna grin at it all day! It has no mouth though. Thank you laoshi…for all the little things that means more than it seems to.

Positive and healthy thoughts! That’s the way, we can truly move ahead together~

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