139. message that made my day…

“thanks Yujin, you’re my inspiration up on the stage at NUS:SUAD 2011, a very big star. I hope you’re keeping the passion burning brighter smile

it’d be a blessed gift if we get to share the stage together once more. Stay beautiful!”

An amazingly motivated dancer himself (:
SUAD was soooo long ago. That korean-pop item which (besides my own collabo item with Rasoo at EMCC 2011!) is by far my favourite.
Honestly, I still remember my first blast concert, and being incredibly amazed by seniors whom I danced alongside to…
and working hard because the seniors were darn good.
I knew all along that the passion hasn’t been diminished.

Sometimes I dance to throw my frustrations aside,
but mostly because intrinsically it makes me happy,
even if no one’s looking.


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