152. passing judgements

Detest moments when people decide I’m a pushover. Or I’m a slut, or that I’m a bimbo or a retard.
Maybe I’m a little bit of all of these, but who are you to judge.
I say moments because I’m almost certain it’s not fully intentional, unless of course it’s fully with intent then I can only say I’m human and that my judgements are flawed.

Seriously when will people learn that words can hurt?
Even something trivial or simple, can make somebody have second thoughts about themselves (or decide that their own lives are not worth living) or have these crazy unnecessary worries on top of everything else.
A passing remark can replay in one’s head like a broken record because (solely) to that someone it means a lot.

People attempt to categorize when they’re too lazy/afraid to have themselves be categorized in the same demeanor and hence these hits and misses and wild stabs in the dark,
(and you forgive them simply because they are just not you).

BFF’s prophecies came true.
Honestly I can’t stop what people think of me, but I should stop what I feel towards what others think of me.

Go ahead. In the grander scheme of time, none of these matters.

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