179. twenty-twelve

2012 – Helluva year it was. Scratch that, helluva December.
A family member passed on, and to think I almost died or disappeared myself. Thankful toward Cat, Jill, Inez, KN and JW who talked me out of sheer gullibility – getting conned/raped/killed wherever they were bringing me to.
Yes I’m dumb like that, I don’t know where the hell is Bintan…
Precious lesson learnt and thankfully without the price. Whatever would have happened never did.

The truth can be twisted in a million and one ways – kudos to how certain people can so conveniently morph words out of nowhere, or create a crazy tale they insist is reality.
Lying to alleviate your own conscience does not make your version of the truth any more real.

When we’re 30, we’re all gonna look back and think… what in the world were we all thinking?!
Perhaps a year later whatever happens to us now will all become some kind of joke we look back upon like a dinner-time anecdote.

What matters most in the end is whether you can still live with yourself.
Above all, when we are 80 & looking back on life (I don’t even wanna freaking be so old but…),
being able to live with yourself is the best kind of peace you can ever hope to attain.

Don’t lie, cheat, backstab or do anything to intentionally hurt anyone else.
Karma is bullshit and being afraid of omg karma’s gonna bite you in the ass is like admitting to having a conscience amounting to zero,
which I think is sadder than ill-gotten success.

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