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Travel-diary: the Beauty of Christchurch

Or rather, the beauty of Peppers Clearwater. Wouldn't mind waking up to lakes and greens everyday! Facts: The February 2011 Christchurch earthquake of magnitude 6.3 killed 185 people. 4,423 earthquakes were recorded in the Canterbury region above a magnitude 3.0, from 4 September 2010 to 3 September 2012. Nevertheless, the city still retains such scenic… Continue reading Travel-diary: the Beauty of Christchurch

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we lived through a lifetime and the aftermath

For someone who's a firm believer in New Year Resolutions, I'm not entirely convinced of its life-changing capabilities. Once in a while I look back upon my annual mandate, written with fervent excitement over the promise of a brand new year... "2011....I will make more friends, smile too often, take too many bad polaroids, go… Continue reading we lived through a lifetime and the aftermath

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179. twenty-twelve

2012 - Helluva year it was. Scratch that, helluva December. A family member passed on, and to think I almost died or disappeared myself. Thankful toward Cat, Jill, Inez, KN and JW who talked me out of sheer gullibility - getting conned/raped/killed wherever they were bringing me to. Yes I'm dumb like that, I don't… Continue reading 179. twenty-twelve