Decalcomanie 데칼코마니 – Concept Video

Remember the dance teaser I’d blogged about?

Actual dance version and concept video below!


SSENZE 쎈ZE [DANCE VER] Decalcomanie (데칼코마니) – MAMAMOO (마마무)

Big thanks to Marvin PD (again!), as well as my Ssenze girls!

Regardless of how tired I am, they never fail to cheer me up ❤

Viktoria Jean

Decalcomanie 데칼코마니


Dropping a teaser of what’s to come. Do subscribe and stay tuned for the full dance cover!

Loving the video effects and edits from Marvin! Big shout out – he’s an amazing videographer. And big big thanks to our little helpers Beverley and Jia Rong for being our music and lighting fairies.

And of course, life is never boring with these girls (not the full strength, by the way).

Thanks for watching!

Viktoria Jean

April Story – wait isn’t it February?

Happy Lunar New Year everybody!

It’s only February, but already I’m way too excited for the rest of year and can’t wait to live it. Spring’s return is the annual promise of hope and renewal, of abundance of laughter and joy. Growing up, Lunar New Year meant extra cash from angpaos, and waking up early on Chu Yi to pay respect to my elders. The true joys of it only hit me as I advanced in my 20s. I watched my loved ones grow old while the young ones of my generation have taken over their vitality. I really began to take less for granted. The clock ticks on even as you’re hating every moment of mingling awkward with your relatives, uncles and aunties for 2 hours of your life. That’s 2 hours of your life you’re never getting back. So why not make full use of it, and gift them with the best present that is worth more than a lifetime of angpao money? Your time. Cherish every second of it. Every minute you spend getting older is one step further to becoming a better person.

Here’s a really short video by SSENZE to celebrate Spring, especially the coming of April which is the cusp of a new season. This was a quick one with less than 3 practices, but we really enjoyed celebrating Spring. And if you ever google for the translated lyrics, it’s actually a really sad love story.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Gong xi fa cai!

Viktoria Jean


APRIL – April Story

언제인지 모를 참 오래전 얘기
소녀는 아무 말도 할 수 없었대
시간이 흐르고 또 계절이 가도
여전한 그 마음 어떻게든 숨겼대
행복해 보여
그 모습조차 미워질 만큼
점점 커져가는 마음
전하지 못할 비밀이 됐대요
봄의 나라에 사는 그 소녀는
얼음 나라의 멋진 소년을 보았죠
겨울 나라의 예쁜 그녀 곁에서
늘 웃고 있는 그 모습을
아름다운 맘을 억지로 숨기고
아름다운 둘을 위해 기도를 했대요
서로의 맘이 변하지 않기를
하늘에 매일 빌었대요 마치 나처럼
행복해 보여
그 모습조차 미워질 만큼
정말 어쩔 수 없는 마음
또 바보처럼 혼자서 달래요
봄의 나라에 사는 그 소녀는
얼음 나라의 멋진 소년을 보았죠
서로의 맘이 변하지 않기를
하늘에 매일 빌었대요 마치 나처럼
아픈 동화 속 얘기가
모두 내 얘기 같았어
다른 봄이 오길 바래요
난 그래요
억지로 숨겨둔 내 맘이 닿을까 봐
항상 혼자만 앓아요
봄의 나라에 사는 그 소녀는
얼음 나라의 멋진 소년을 보았죠
겨울 나라의 예쁜 그녀 곁에서
늘 웃고 있는 그 모습을
아름다운 맘을 억지로 숨기고
기적처럼 다 지워지기를 바라죠
아무 마음 없던 그 날이 오기를
하늘에 매일 빌었대요 마치 나처럼


Following a seafood-induced food coma and a brief exposure to Thai Buddhist rituals at renowned Wat Phanan Choeng, our local Thai friends took us on yet another cultural tour – the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, also known as Wat Lokkayasutharam. At this point it would be useful to note there are more than 2 Temples with Reclining/Sleeping Buddhas in Ayutthaya – one of which is indoors at Wat Pho, and 2 others are documented below.

In good faith, devotees typically purchase incense sticks for prayers, which came with flowers, candles, joss-sticks and 2x2cm flecks of gold paper for ‘dressing’ the Buddha. A huge test of devotion often involved patience for adhering the flimsy pieces of gold, bound to escape like seeds of the dandelion in the wind.

The first thing about ‘Sleeping Buddha’ at Wat Lokkayasutharam that amazed me was its absolute size, followed by the sense of peace upon seeing the gentle unassuming smile of the sacred giant. Putting aside fatigue of travel and accumulated stress, an aura of serenity took precedence as all else fell into the background. Away from the bustling city was this figure of faith on which many troubles were unloaded, to which hopes and dreams were articulated.

Gold Flecks on the Reclining Buddha


It suffices to say that the Kingdom was wealthy, to be in possession of enough to construct multiple such shrines in praise of its gods. IMG_6665














Within the shrine more surprises were in store. Wishing wells, treacherous stairs, relics from another life. To make a wish at this particular wishing well, you have to conquer a tough flight of stairs.

Wishing well for the weary – only by conquering a treacherous flight of stairs could you be deemed eligible to cast your wish

If one reclining Buddha wasn’t enough, we visited and prayed to yet another, this one albeit with a much brighter smile in my opinion! Don’t you feel instantly cheered up by this mega-watt beam? For a truly cultural experience this part of Ayutthaya is definitely not to be missed. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing the the local customs of praying and showing respects to local monks, as well as learning to different eacf part of the city from another by events that went down post Burmese-invasion. I don’t think there was any other way I could have learnt more from the trip.



Viktoria Jean


“I don’t believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don’t judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free”
― Angelina Jolie

2 Jan – 7 Jan // There are only two places I travel to on impulse when alone: Korea and Thailand. In under 24 hours I went from Christchurch – Singapore – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi with bare minimum rest. What made it all worthwhile was seeing Elizabeth, Dia, Ake and Terence in Thailand! Literally only booked my Bangkok-bound tickets 16 hours before, as I was contemplating between a solo-trip to Seoul, or a vacay with friends to Bangkok. Meanwhile, caught 5 movies onboard and savoured at least 6 Vanilla Haagen Dazs minis amidst fellow travellers who managed to fall asleep!

SIA flight christchurch bangkok

Upon touchdown, Dia brought us for fine Thai food. Could always depend on her to get us the best! Thai sticky rice, fried pork skin, papaya salad, crispy chicken, and my favourite lychee shake – I was completely satiated! That lychee shake is perfect for Thailand’s scorching heat as it expels heat from your body better than jumping into a pool of ice. Plus it’s sooo good.

thai food bangkok

thailand food bangkok

Honestly I’d thought a solo trip might have been a better idea, because out of the five of us, I was the only single girl while the rest were attached to each other. But turns out I was wrong. I had a blasted good time!

On ur first day, we went easy on shopping / exploring. Aside from Terence who was only in Thailand for the first time, Beth and I liked to take it slow. Ake and Dia are Thais who lived within Bangkok.

Snoopy was having it seasonal run at Central World with its Universe Of Happiness exhibit for Christmas! Picture a sea of Snoopys and pop music blaring from gigantic speakers, and you get people fighting for pictures or plotting ways to kidnap a plastic white dog (I was tempted to!)

snoopy centralworld

Central World Snoopy

Central World Siam Snoopy

After lunch and picture-whoring with dogs, we made our way on foot to Chit Lom. Many foreigners make the annual pilgrimage to Erawan Shrine at the Chit Lom / Ploenchit intersection. I find myself back here more than twice a year to jostle with the fervent Buddhists. Do not expect a temple though as this is an open-spaced shrine on a street corner. This is a good place to explore Thailand’s culture as there are Thai dancers on special occasions as well as street stalls on the adjacent streets.

Prayers Bangkok Erawan Shrine

erawan shrine


It’s way too hot here so be sure to ditch your jeans and sneakers for shorts and slippers!

The rest of the day was spent searching for funky local eateries, and knowing Dia and Ake, it’s never just street food. They’ve got a solid list of mid-high class restaurants they frequent, which only locals would know. Which I would post some pictures of in upcoming posts. So stay tuned 😉

Viktoria Jean


31 days into 2015 and it has been surreal. I’ve been thankful each day for the people I’ve met, especially to those I’ve learnt to count on for simply being there.

The obstacles in my current career are finally levelling out. I’m beginning to understand why some of my colleagues would fall in love with this jet-setting lifestyle. Don’t be fooled – good money and free travel comes at a price. When I tell my friends about the hardships we face on a daily basis, everyone rethinks the facade of a glamorous lifestyle we lead. A certain kind of sadism cannot be denied (of me) since I’ve stayed beyond my 2-year bond not for the money but the sheer intensity of hard work involved. I love challenges and when they come my way, they become means of making me a better person, because the process of clearing major hurdles forces one into endless introspection.

I like to think that what I’ve really done in this past 2 years was to experience the world, gather my thoughts on living, get to know a lot more people. And then I really want to write them down. Whilst I will leave my job, the journey is not over. For those who can live vicariously through my words someday I hope you know that life is about giving and receiving experiences, not the things you buy or get to keep. I also know that life is not about making sure something or somebody stays in your life as long as possible when you know they are not yours to keep.

2015, I don’t expect you to be awesome. I foresee bad days, heartaches, disappointment and yet another emotional roller coaster ride. But I trust myself to know that when 2015 comes to an end I’ll emerge triumphant with battle scars that makes me both imperfect and wiser. This is what we have to do.

Accumulate experiences like it is the air you have to breathe, for in time to come we’ll have our own stories to tell. Tell yourself to keep going, run the extra mile, and don’t be afraid to fight losing battles, or to lose. Never lose sight of who you were. Never forget who was there for you when you needed them the most. Most importantly, never fall out of love with yourself. Love who you are, and appreciate who you’re not. Embrace and acknowledge all your imperfections. Because the most imperfect people have been through the worst.

“I am not a graceful person. I am not a Sunday morning or a Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2 a.m., gunshots muffled by a few city blocks, I am a broken window during February. My bones crack on a nightly basis. I fall from elegance with a dull thud, and I apologize for my awkward sadness. I sometimes believe that I don’t belong around people, that I belong to all the leap days that didn’t happen. The way light and darkness mix under my skin has become a storm. You don’t see the lightning, but you hear the echoes.”
Anna Peters

I want to hear some good stories when December 31st comes round.

Viktoria Jean



Back at my favourite hideout in Brisbane: The Passion Tree Cafè. This time round I skipped the shaved ice and had my froyo cravings satiated. Regrettably it wasn’t the best of days for the girl serving my froyo. I get it, we all have our bad days right? Paulo Coelho’s biography saved me from boredom; I had to tune out the incessant chatter all around me, mostly in Korean, but hey not complaining. Anything’s better than listening to repeated broadcasts of year-end tragedies and disasters on BBC. An hour later I hit the streets to check out Aussie’s post-season sales.


Dinner was: Roast Chicken Supreme! I’ve just learnt that the PieFace round the corner of my hotel is open 24 hours … yay to a happy belly any time of day! Savoured it whilst filling in my diary for 2015.

Skipping all the fluffy resolutions I do every single year with less than half fulfilled 365 days later – maybe I’m just jaded by impracticalities of ideals we set for ourselves but fall short of, so freaking often.



In a few hours I’m heading to Christchurch, New Zealand. As much as I’m not looking forward to spending my last few hours of 2014 in the air, or counting down to 2015 35,000 feet in the sky, it’s pretty exciting to be chasing time down south, where time passes faster than it does in Southeast Asia (by a whole 5 hours). Being faster than time – a fresh new start to what I hope to emulate for the new year.

Hello 2015 I think I’m more than ready for you! Who else is with me?

Viktoria Jean

P.S Probably won’t be updating as often in the days to come as I’m heading to Bangkok for a getaway with my favourite ex-colleagues. Follow me on instagram @silhouettekiss for faster updates teehee.

A Tinge of Nostalgia

Reminiscing the days where I was still an insanely active dancer – and decided to upload the choreography collabo piece which Rasul and I did for NUS Dance Blast’s 2011 concert!! (When I was still in year 2 going on year 3 and had a hell lot of time to dance.)

Truth is, I think this was my favourite choreography ever. I don’t think I can ever replicate something I like so much anymore — probably because I’d used all my favourite songs (at that point) in one item.

Good ol’ days ^^

Viktoria Jean


Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Friends, I can finally say that I’ve been to Hong Kong. Cannot believe that for the past 4 – 5 times I’ve been here for work / holiday, I’ve never made it up to the highest mountain (1,811 ft) on Hong Kong island!!

It was close to 9 p.m. when we dropped Samantha back at our hotel at Causeway Bay. The tram took us to Central Station, and we walked for 10 minutes to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus. Tickets to the peak were pretty affordable (75HKD) and we were pretty surprised at despite how late it was in the night  the tram was still operating!



On the way up: the tram actually tilts way more than 45 degrees sky-wards, I wonder how it has never in the history of its operations backflipped towards the foot of the mountains.20140301-002556.jpg


Right, to backtrack to the process of getting tickets: there was still a queue at 9pm so you can just imagine how popular this destination is to tourists and locals alike. They say you should mount the peak with your lover at least once in your life, if you’ve got the chance to.20140301-002604.jpg


After getting tickets, it’s a short walk through the museum which takes you through the history of the tram’s operations. Similar to the one at the peak of the mountain, but less wordy.20140301-002612.jpg


The tram ride takes a mere 10 – 15 minutes, but it’s definitely one of those moments which you’ll be stunned by shifting perspectives of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon as the carriage ferries you and another 20 odd passengers to the top.

Mandatory shot with Bruce Lee after we alighted from the tram and began the walk to the peak (yes you need to walk a bit).20140301-002624.jpg



And then here we are…20140301-002645.jpg

…at the top!20140301-002705.jpg


Pictures can’t produce the same effect – the view was spectacular and absolutely breathtaking. You can see the whole of Hong Kong, literally. It was soooo windy and cold, our fingers and faces were numbed. Professional photographers are stationed at the peak to take shots of you and your companions as well, but expect to be charged a high price.20140301-002742.jpg

Pardon how ghostly I look in the shots, camera flash does that to my pale complexion.20140301-002752.jpg




There’s a lot more to this: you can choose to dine at Bubba Gump or various other cafés and restaurants overlooking the skyline from bird’s eye view, or just walk around the spherical walkways at the peak. Madame Tussaud’s Museum is also at the peak of the mountain. There’s also a board in the open space to pen down your love notes/confessions/declarations or whatever…which is kinda cheesy but sweet if you’re into it.20140301-002856.jpg

This is how it feels like to have Hong Kong at your feet…such an amazing view of an amazing city!

Viktoria Jean



How do I sleep with voices in my head –
telling me what to do, what to say,
who to love
in a torrential rain of unspoken words,
this cascade of love misplaced
from desired keepers
whose intentions long expired;
all memories are deadweight.

How do I sleep with footsteps in my head –
walking miles into a receding path
of all that’s forgotten
bursting from dams across distant shores
like prisoners newly reprieved;
we are dredged up beached whales
awaiting a death sentence
we hardly know is coming.

How do I sleep with a bullet in my head –
point blank fired,
lodged in a hollow in the shape of you. 

How do I sleep with these raindrops in my head –
a constant drip-drop, walls a-stripping
till what’s left to fend against (you)
is but a thin membrane.

Viktoria Jean

How do I

My Pink Leopard Manicure

2014 Bucket list item #24:
Get manicured in pretty pink leopard prints – check!

Read Nora Roberts’ old classics at Spinelli’s while waiting to have dinner with Annabelle. Spinelli’s is so underrated in comparison to the coffee chain monopolies Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Perhaps I’m just sick of Starbucks at the moment – I used to drink it everyday but now I avoid them like plague! Spinelli’s Rumberry Twist has cranberry pieces blended into a yummy mix of espresso, rum and vanilla, and it really agrees with my tastebuds. Pretty soon I would have tried all of Spinelli’s beverages! Which is hands down, way more appetizing and creative than Starbucks’.




Headed for Copenhagen tomorrow evening.
2014 is looking way up up up!

Viktoria Jean

Pick Your Poison

Introduced my parents to Baileys, my favourite bedtime drink! Stir it into coffee, or over ice and milk…my absolute favorite with almost everything. Personal favourite concoction: Baileys with hot Milo, marshmallows and Nescafé. My Christmas Neslo with liqueurs.


Also loving: Baileys with peppermint icecream and chocolate chips.

Viktoria Jean

Costa Coffee and Travel Woes

Costa Coffee Costa Coffee

Woes of a traveller: sometimes you’re bound to crave familiar and comforting sights or foods!! Costa Coffee is one of those lighthouses I’m always happy to see in foreign lands, along with Starbucks and Boots. At the moment, they have gingerbread coffee coolers and lattes as their festive drinks, which I find none too amazing. Boo. But the classic flat white never fails to please.

Costa Costa Coffee

Costa 3 Costa Coffee

Heading to Thailand tomorrow with my crazy travel buddies: Beth, Dia, Jennabelle and Ake’s bunch of guy pals. I’m always forced to try strange foods when I’m around these girls. Besides staple ramen, look what we had at Ippudo the other day: Lotus Root Crisps and strangely-spiced corn. They make me realize what an unadventurous foodie I’ve always been!!!

Costa Coffee

Costa 5

TIME TO GET PACKING! Truth be told, I’ve started throwing bikinis and swimwear into my bag 3 days ago. I’ve NEVER packed so religiously early for work purposes. KOH SAMUI HERE I COME!!

Viktoria Jean

[THAILAND] oo2.Island Lovin’

Headed for Thailand’s Koh Samui with my favourite travel pals in exactly 3 days’!! ❤
So stoked about scuba-diving, and living the island life in my friends’ resort. Also can’t wait to start partying at the local hotspots on Chaweng Beach.

Koh Samet Thailand

On our last trip to Koh Samet, another offshore party island in the Gulf of Thailand, we spent our afternoons snorkelling, swimming, speed-boating, tanning, scuba-diving, Thai-massaging, getting our asses bruised from bumpy rides on the island lorry and eating the freshest seafood the island has to offer.

Though we won’t be in time for Koh Samui’s famous full-moon parties, my local Thai friends insist that the island’s year round nightlife is insane. I’ll believe when I see it!

Viktoria Jean

London Lovin’: St Christopher’s Place

The plethora of alfresco dining choices had me drawn in. The colourful interior beyond its ‘landmark purple clock’ delivered its promise of an eclectic shopping mix, right up the alley where London’s best bars and restaurants laid in wait. St Christopher’s Place sits at the heart of the West End and can be found between Selfridges and Bond Street station. I’m still a big fan of Pret A Manger’s latte, salad and sandwiches.

St Christopher's Place London 4

St Christopher's Place London 3

St Christopher's Place London

St Christopher's Place london 2

St Christopher's Place London 5

Viktoria Jean

Pick of the Week

pick of the week

Karl Pilkington brandishes his unique class of intelligence once again in The Moaning of Life, a humourous take on the human condition and crucial ever-evolving global issues. In Trust Me, I’m Lying Ryan Holiday does an exposè of popular blogosphere; hook, line and sinker of the biggest liars in social media. Onto a lighter read, award-winning Jane Lovering is back with Hubble Bubble, in which wishes come true in twisted ways when 5 women dabble in witchery.

Viktoria Jean