I’m your fantasy

Took a short hiatus from dance but jumped right back at it because there’s no way I can really stop.

Here’s a throwback to our dance cover of JBJ’s debut song, Fantasy, in honour of their comeback. Enjoy~

JBJ – Fantasy

You’re not a daydreamer
지금 네 눈앞은
너의 시공간을 멈출 새로운 fantasy

네가 날 불러
간절히 원할 때
네 몸 곳곳에 번져 감각을 깨울게

난 달콤한 poison
날 거부하거나 피하는 건 no choices
네 호흡이 네 체온이 불같이
달아오른 걸 아니

Your fantasy
상상 속에 차오른
네 꿈을 모두 꺼내줘
그게 바로 나잖아
더 불태워 봐
뜨거워진 눈빛과
터질 것 같은 열정 다
날 원한만큼 가져봐
I’m your fantasy

네가 내 이름을 불러준 순간에 I’m alive
미로 안 갇힌
날 이끌어 준 건 너야 right
내 목소리가 피어나길 바라
너의 귓가에 또 마음 안에
너는 상상해 내가 만들게
꿈꾸던 모든 게 다 가능하게

감정이 뒤섞인 미로
넌 걱정 마
끌리는 대로 믿고 나를 따라와

숨 막힐 듯한 fever
Cause we run so hot
이젠 멈출 수 없어 내 맘에 올라타

난 달콤한 prison
넌 달아날 수도 숨을 수도 없거든
길들여져 내 품에 더 깊숙이
빠져드는 걸 알아

Your fantasy
상상 속에 차오른
네 꿈을 모두 꺼내줘
그게 바로 나잖아
더 불태워 봐
뜨거워진 눈빛과
터질 것 같은 열정 다
날 원한만큼 가져봐
[현빈/태현] I’m your fantasy

내 이름을 불러줘
널 가득 나로 채워줘
난 너로 만든 masterpiece
[현빈/태현] 더 불태워 봐
뜨거워진 눈빛과
터질 것 같은 열정 다
날 원한만큼 가져봐
I’m your fantasy

BlackBox SG – INNI Skincare

My ultimate skincare remedy for the festive season has arrived! Look no further if you too are worried about ruining your skin with anticipated late nights, booze and Christmas goodies. INNI by La Source Spa is a premium range created by beauty professionals from the popular beauty sanctuary, to give you results that parallel stepping into a spa.

I’m featuring 2 exclusive product sets from BlackBox SG – the INNI by La Source, and INNI Solutions by La Source. Both beautifully packaged, these will make great Christmas gifts for family and friends. Products are 100% botanical and source-traceable – its ingredient lists feature easily identifiable plant and nature-sources. To put our minds at ease, all products are also free of parabens, mineral oils, additives and preservatives as well as colouring or artificial fragrances.

You can purchase these exclusive sets straight from BlackBox SG, plus don’t forget to claim a further 10% discount by using the promo code <<BBXJEAN10>> upon checkout!

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore


Exclusive Box – INNI Solutions by La Source

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

These products are a sneakpeek into INNI’s extensive solutions range, which target age-defense, advance whitening serum, pigment corrective and AHA renewal, amongst many other skincare troubles. All products in this set have a really clean  scent – no acidic / alcoholic smells which irritates the hell out of me. I’m big on the scents, and INNI has passed the test. Here we go:

1. Hyaluronic B5 Gel | 30ml
Provides intensive hydration by binding moisture to skin tissue. Restores and hydrates all skin types without clogging pores.
Suitability: For all skin type includes acne prone skin, male and female
Retail size and price: 30ml @$104.86
Verdict: With an au-naturale ensemble, this product is super hydrating. Gel-based, it glides on smoothly and is absorbed so quickly, it is as if my skin is quenching its thirst. Leaves no residue so feel free to layer with the rest of your routine. My favourite product from this set!

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore


2. Youthful Glow Enzyme Peel | 15ml
A nutrient-rich exfoliant that combines the enzymatic properties of papaya and pineapple with the nourishing advantages of wholesome pumpkin. Leaves skin with a soft, refined glow.
Suitability: For all skin type, male and female
Retail size and price: 15ml @$17.66 | 80ml @$94.15
Verdict: Only tried this once – the exfoliant is powerful, and the results are as though I’ve just done a peel at a facial. Slightly drying after the exfoliation. Moisturizing products used after this peel got absorbed really efficiently.

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore


3. Skin Rescue Serum | 15ml
An instant fix for tired and fatigued skin, this Vitamin C-based serum hydrates and rejuvenates, promoting overall skin balance.
Suitability: For all skin type, male and female
Retail size and price: 15ml @$57.78 | 30ml @$115.56
Verdict: This worked wonders for my tired and fatigued skin. I’ve been having some late nights, and my complexion is taking the brunt of hits. Besides needing hydration, a shot of Vitamin C helps lighten up any pigmentation from skin fatigue, and also boosts skin elasticity. Great especially if layering on right before bedtime.

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore


Exclusive Box – INNI by La Source

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

This set includes item overlaps from the previous set –  Youthful Glow Enzyme Peel and the Skin Rescue Serum. I’m really in love with the white mini satchel and pretty orange ribbons! Everything about this packaging feels like I’m stepping into a spa room.

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

1. Illuminating Whitening Mask | 15ml
This unique brightening mask contains sea kelp, enzymes and minerals which work together to tone and brighten dull and tired looking skin.
Suitability: For all skin types, male and female
Retail Size and Price: 15ml @$15.65 | 80ml @$83.46
Verdict: I have fair skin in general and whitening masks never managed to achieve immediately visible effects. Or this could be because I was using this after a particularly late night. This revived my late-night, sleep-deprived zombie complexion, which instead of looking lifelessly gray, has taken on a slightly brighter tone. Will definitely try this again for more visible results.

2. Youthful Glow Enzyme Peel | 15ml

3. Skin Rescue Serum | 15ml

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

INNI by La Source - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Have never been to the La Source Spa, but from what INNI can do, the spa is definitely worth a visit somehow. Get these exclusive INNI skincare sets if you’re looking for some home-based pampering!

Named INNI – short for Infinity – the brand is founded on love for purity and wellness. All products are 100 per cent natural and made without parabens, mineral oils, artificial colorants, perfumes and fillers. Harnessing the power of the range’s signature ingredients – Australian heilmoor clay, a peat which has purifying, anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties.”

Viktoria Jean

BlackBox SG – Winter Organics

What’s new in my beauty stash?  A box of cool face and body products from Winter Organics that I’ve been psyched to try out!

Winter Organics - Viktoria Jean Singapore

What are they:

Calendula Shower Gel 
Retail Size and Price:
 200ml, $19.90
Lather and cleanse in a field of budding marigolds, refreshing your mind as well as your skin. The organic flower extract calms skin irritation and replenishes dry skin with lashing moisture. pH5 formulation, certified organic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive/eczema skin.

Key Ingredients:
1. Calendula Extract: Gentle on the skin with moisturising properties. Beneficial for allergy prone and sensitive skin.
2. Rooibos Extract: High level of anti-oxidants to counteract the effects of premature aging. It’s anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties makes it perfect for acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.
3. Vetiver: Anti-septic and moisturising properties to protect skin.

Verdict: Gentle flowery scent of the soothing kind. You know how flowery fragrances can get really sweet and annoying, but this one grows on you. I can foresee my family and I using this again.

Winter Organics - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Macadamia Hand & Body Lotion 
Retail Size and Price:
 100ml, $18.90
Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin, the Macadamia Hand and Body lotion uses the healing power of macadamia nut oil/milk and Tocopherol. Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it keeps skin moisturised, improve the appearance of scars, helps with sunburn and other skin irritation. pH5 formulation, certified organic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive/eczema skin.

Key Ingredients:
1. Macadamia Nut Milk/ Oil: Rich in Vitamin E. Improves the appearance of scars, helps with sunburn and other skin irritation. Promotes skin elasticity, youthful appearance and restore skin’s barrier function.
2. Tocopherol: Natural antioxidant which is rich in Vitamin E that promotes cell renewal, skin elasticity and help prevent the signs of ageing.
3. Chamomile Flower Extract: Anti-inflammatory and soothing, beneficial for allergy prone and sensitive skin.

Verdict: Handy bottle to carry around in your purse or handbag. The texture can get a little thick and takes some time to absorb into your skin, but when it finally does, leaves a pleasant lingering scent. My skin was left moisturised for a very long time.

Winter Organics - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Cacao Facial Scrub 
Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $26.90
Cacao is a natural beauty superfood. With high level of antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, magnesium antioxidants, it enhances cellular regeneration to develop a healthy glow and clear skin. Triple natural gentle exfoliants of bamboo powder, argan shell powder and olive seed powder gently polishes and exfoliates. pH5 formulation certified organic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive/eczema skin.

Key Ingredients:
Triple Natural Gentle Exfoliants – Bamboo powder, Argan shell powder and Olive seed powder
1. Cacao: a natural beauty superfood. With high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, magnesium and antioxidants, it enhances cellular regeneration to develop a healthy glow and clear skin.
2. Olive Squalane: Derived from olives, it is similar to our skin own molecular structure. It’s biocompatibility allows it to penetrate all layers of skin for hydration, rejuvenation and nourishment of our skin.
3. Papaya Extract Enzymes have exfoliating properties to remove dead and damaged skin. Improves tone and texture of skin.

Verdict: Indeed a natural beauty superfood! This is my favourite Winter Organics product from this set because it smells good, and does wonders to my skin. After one scrub, I swear my skin glowed a little, even after an entire day in a dry air-conditioned environment. Unlike many scrubs out there, it didn’t feel rough. But don’t take this for granted, when using a scrub, always only use your third and fourth fingers so you don’t harm the top layers of your skin.

Winter Organics - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Chamomile Facial Cleanser 
Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $25.90
Refresh your skin with Chamomile Facial Cleanser pH5 for use day and night. Release the relaxing, soothing scent of a natural flower blend as you massage the cleanser into your moist skin. Soft chamomile, soothing aloe vera, sweet calendula, exotic ylang ylang, warm rosemary, and citrusy orange ingredients blend together for a luxurious natural fragrance. Our formulation of pH5 is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and speed up acne healing time with anti-inflammatory properties.

Key Ingredients:
1. Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating and toning
2. Seabuckthorn: High level of anti-oxidants, vitamins A,C,E & K and fatty omega to counteract the effects of premature aging.
3. Chamomile Flower Extract: Anti-inflammatory and soothing, beneficial for allergy prone and sensitive skin

Verdict: Chamomile always has that calming effect. When I use this to wash my face before bed, the au-naturale floral scent soothes my skin and relaxes my mind. I found the product slightly drying because after one wash, my skin felt a little tight. Then again this could be because I have been staying in air-conditioned areas for too long periods of time.  Overall I would still use this product again! Plus it’s handy enough to carry around for my showers at the gym.

Winter Organics - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Winter Organics - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Winter Organics formulations are all natural, gentle on the skin, environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Natural and organic compounds are not only biodegradable and sustainable, they also do a better job than harsh chemicals which is a cheaper alternative for skincare. Certified organic ingredients must pass more rigorous standards of purity.

You heard it here first: Winter Organics Exclusive Box is available exclusively at S$61.60/box at BlackBox SG. (Usual Price: $88). Promotional price of S$49.90 is applicable to the first 30 sets only, after which this set will be sold at $61.90.

Don’t forget! Quote <<BBXJEAN10>> to enjoy an additional 10% off this or ANY exclusive sets at BlackBox SG 🙂

Direct shop link- http://blackbox.sg/luxury/detail/everything/Winter_Organics

Viktoria Jean

The Face Inc – Revolutionary Primer Mist

Bustling with excitement as I’m writing this – The Face Inc has just, on 1 Nov, launched its Primer Mist and I’m honoured to be able to review this!

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Back in April, I had the pleasure of reviewing The Face Inc’s cleansing gel and active toner. I loved their lightweight texture and clear composition. And especially because it doesn’t create a layer of grease on my skin. The Primer Mist has not fallen short of expectations. It is indeed, as described on their website, a “lightweight hydration face mist that works instantly to hydrate, smooth and tighten skin in 15 seconds“. As The Face Inc suggests, the product is ideally for use before make up as a skin refresher and primer, to allow makeup to stay fresh for longer periods of time, but I spritz mine on before and after to lock in my makeup.

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean SingaporeThe Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean SingaporeRetailing at SGD68, the primer mist comes with a travel-sized spritz bottle and 2 refills (3x15ml). Shaped like a lipstick, the bottle is slim and small enough to slip into the pocket of my jeans, and even the smallest of purses, for all-day hydration on-the-go. Perhaps I’ve just found the perfect alternative to Vichy’s Eau Thermale, which I used to never leave home without.

To open, the blue top cap is easily slipped off, and a nozzle is revealed by twisting the bottom half of the spritz.

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Directions for use: Hold bottle 8 to 10 inches away from desired area and spray gently. Wait a few seconds before dabbing dry, and proceed with regular make-ip application. Can be used any time of day!

I tested this out first by first spritzing onto my hand – the liquid is clear,  but not completely watery (see first picture below). After spreading out the product evenly, absorbance rate was pretty fast. Within 15 – 30 seconds it was completely absorbed into my skin (see second picture below).The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

After application, a cool sensation persists. Zero grease/residue was left behind so it looks as though I didn’t apply any product at all and that I feel was the best quality of this primer mist. Fragrance-wise there were no distinctive smells at all, so it doesn’t irritate at all when you spritz close to your eyes or nose.

I brought this out to the gym this morning. Post-shower, this doubled really effectively as both toner and moisturizer, and even as a makeup setting spritz! Seriously given this super convenient design, even without learning about the product, I’m already sold. Just take my money already. Loving this sleek blue hydrating primer mist so much, that I’m just so glad it comes with refills.

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Please refer to this snapshot for complete detailed directions for use!

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

The Face Inc Primer Mist - Viktoria Jean Singapore

Thank you, The Face Inc.

Viktoria Jean

BlackBox SG – ProActiv+

No.1 acne treatment system Proactiv® has developed a more advanced Proactiv+ – an all-new acne-care system, now gentler and more effective than before. Completely reformulated from the ground up, Proactiv+ integrates Proactiv’s Smart Target Technology to deliver active ingredients directly into the pores to fight off breakouts.

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean]

Proactiv+ is a medicated acne care treatment featuring a 3-step regimen and salicylic acid. This exclusive set comes with a handy quick start guide (albeit in Japanese), and is now available at BlackBox SG. Psst… don’t forget to apply my code ‘BBXJEAN10‘ for further 10% discount off your entire purchase! ♥

I’m hosting a giveaway for Proactiv+’s Skin Refining Mask at my instagram, and am announcing the results for this tomorrow (Sunday, 25 Sep!) Simply comment to stand a chance to win.

Now moving onto my reviews.

Proactiv+ 3-Step Core System Kit Exclusive set

The exclusive set comes in a convenient box, which opens up into a pretty turquoise interior, in which the 3-step regime is laid out cleanly. Though formulated to last 30 days, I believe this will last more than 2 months.

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 2

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 3

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 5

1. Proactiv+ Skin smoothing cleanser

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 11


“Gentle exfoliating beads remove dead skin cells and excess oil. Contains an active ingredients salicylic acid. Kills acne-causing bacteria and helps to improve acne-causing bacteria and helps improve acne-prone skin. Smooth-textured agent thoroughly cleanses your skin.”
Retail Price: 60g, $29.90

Verdict: The texture felt too clean and even to be an exfoliator, but as it thins out against the skin, I could feel the small exfoliating beads working to smoothen out and remove my dead skin cells. Could feel and see the difference – though it’s good to remember not to rub too hard! Especially if you have bumpy acne. I’m in love with the clean, indiscernible, scent.

To use, apply appropriate amount (one tea spoon) of product to damp skin, then gently massage avoiding the eye area and lips, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

2. Proactiv+ Pore Targeting Treatment

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 10

“Integrated with the New “Smart Target™ Technology”. It is a serum with active ingredients to help prevent acne. A gentle lightweight gel texture adds moisture to the skin. Helps improve the skin’s texture to ensure a supple appearance.”
Retail Price: 30g, $20

Verdict: The light serum gets absorbed quickly, and can be applied with heavier creams like sunblock and liquid foundation. A light tingling sensation follows after application, and I like that it only has a light, clean fragrance. Formulated as a pore tightening treatment, I felt that it was better as a acne-smoothing serum.

To be used after Step 1 (Skin Smoothing Cleanser). Apply appropriate amount (pearl size) of product, then gently smooth over entire face avoiding the eye area without rubbing and allow to fully absorb.

3. Proactiv+ Skin Brightening Hydrator

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 9

“Moisture-rich texture containing Vitamin C derivative and botanical ingredients. Protects skin from dryness. Prevents new acne from forming and smoothens skin. Adds complexion and helps make transparent skin.”
Retail Price: 30g, $29.90

Verdict: Skin feels moisturised upon application, though when used on top of the Pore Targeting Treatment, the product takes a while to get absorbed and leaves a layer of residue. Meantime, I’ve been using this together with sunblock and BB cream. After a week of use, my skin appears brighter!

To be used after Step 2 (Pore Targeting Treatment) or a toner fully absorbed, apply appropriate amount (pearl size) of product. Gently smooth over entire face
avoiding the eye area without rubbing and allow to fully absorb.

[FREE] Proactiv Refining Mask 

When you purchase the exclusive box set, this product comes completely free!


Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 7

“Proactiv® Refining Mask provides pampering that an oily, pimple-prone and sensitive skin needs. The facial mask acts as an acne treatment skin care product as it contains elements such as sulphur (a proven acne-fighting ingredient) that effectively fights acne causing bacteria. The active ingredient in it absorbs excess oil, reduces the appearance of pore size, pacifies redness and improves the skin texture. It also works well on stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. Regular application of this facial mask will give your skin a smooth and radiant effect.”
Retail Price: 28g, $20.50

Verdict: I have enlarged pores on my nose and certain parts of the T-zone. After a week of regular use, it gets easier to cover up those pores with makeup. Wouldn’t lie as to say that my pores are completely diminished from sight. I do love the clean fragrance of this refining mask, and would definitely use this on a longer-term basis for more effective results.

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 8

Overall Verdict: As with most Japanese cosmetics, this Japan-formulated series give off a clean, refreshing vibe. It is an affordable off-the-shelf pharmaceutical brand, and I’ll definitely replenish the products that I find useful after I’ve used up this 30-day supply. For all my readers, I do hope you’ll give this a shot!

Direct shop link – http://bit.ly/ProactivExclusiveBox

Quote <<BBXJEAN10>> to enjoy an additional 10% off this or ANY exclusive sets at BlackBox 🙂

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 6

Proactiv Japan Skincare - Blackbox SG [Viktoria Jean] 4

Watch this space for more skincare reviews.

Viktoria Jean

BlackBox SG – Dr Young Skincare

Hello! Haven’t updated in a long while, but I’m still alive!

Got my hands on a bunch of skincare products from Dr Young Skincare, and had the luxury of pampering my skin with goods from their latest launch. They deserve a good long review. Thank you BlackBox SG!

More exclusive Dr Young skincare sets are available at BlackBox SG. Psst… don’t forget to apply my code ‘BBXJEAN10‘ for further 10% discount off your entire purchase! ♥

Exclusive Box 1 – Dr. Young Acne-Prone & Oily Skin (Dark Skin Base)

Targeted at troubled skin, these products focus on soothing inflamed skin, and covering up your flaws. Though generally I don’t have acne problems, I have worked these wonders into my skincare regime to soothe the occasional breakout. Limited sets are now available at $32.90/box (U.P $76.60)! Link to purchase: at BlackBox SG

Dr Young Skincare BlackBox SG 2

What’s in it:

1. AC Out Spot Toner With Herb Complex | 120ml
Contains green and white tea that protect skin, with additional 5 herbs that prevent spread of irritated spots and control sebum excretion.  Green Tea & White Tea prevents skin damage while Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid and Triclosn soothe irritated areas.
Retail Price: 120ml, $36.90

Verdict: Slightly watery, with zero alcoholic scent. Faint scent of tea tree oil in the liquid, which I loooove. Used this on my seasonal, hormonal breakouts (ladies, y’all know what I mean) and the toner soothed my angry red spots – making them calm down and fade away way faster than they usually do. Advise not to skip the cotton pad during application due to extremely runny liquid. (Then again, I hate viscous toners.)

Dr Young Toner AC Spot Out

2. 2P Pearl Brightening Balm SPF35 PA++ | 30ml
Hydrating soothing B.B. cream without stickiness but light adhesiveness that makes dark/tanned skin much brighter, healthier. Provides fresh feeling on your skin all day long.
Shade:  dark skin color base
Retail Price: 30ml, $27.90

Verdict: Unfortunately the BB Cream was of a darker tone and didn’t suit mine. Will be giving this away to a tanner friend. Any takers?

Dr Young BB Cream Skincare BlackBox SG

3. Refreshing Spring Showers Mask (Damyang Bamboo) | 2pcs
Contains refreshing bamboo extracts from Damyang, which are rich in mineral and Portulaca Oleracea Extract. Also contains Flavonoid from Adansonia Digitata Leaf Extract, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract which soothes sensitive skin.
Retail Price: Per sheet (20ml), $5.90

Verdict: Left mine in the fridge before application so as to ‘ice’ my pores – the cooling effect doubled the shiokness of this mask. Bamboo extracts in any facial product almost never go wrong. The cooling and soothing effects were good – although I was left with a slightly heavy residual essence on my skin. I actually do prefer some other varieties in another Dr Young face masks set (below).

Do make sure that the BB Cream suits your skin tone! There are two available in the selection. All in all, a very good selection of products for a targeted purpose.

Exclusive Box 2 – Dr. Young Face Mask Set (Citrus, Bamboo, Ginseng)

You know how some facemasks can never adhere comfortably to your face, or annoyingly leave a thick sheen of grease after? In my opinion a good facemask should fit ‘like a glove’, with minimal slipping, and leave little to no residue.

Dr Young’s exclusive sheet masks set comes with 5x citrus, bamboo and ginseng-enhanced face masks, which in my opinion ranks above the usual drugstore variety. The texture of its sheets are even finer than some of my favourite Taiwanese brands (My Beauty Diary included), though not as soft or pliable. At $22.90/pack (U.P $54) for 15 sheets, this set is practically a steal. Link to purchase this set: at BlackBox SG

Dr Young Skincare - Blackbox SG

Dr Young Masks Korea

What’s in it:

1. Clear & Glowing Sky Mask (Jeju Citrus) 
Boasts the brightening effect of tangerine from Jeju Island, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, and White Flower Complex (Jasmine, Rose, Lilium candidum, Freesia Refracta, Leontopodium alpinum, Iris Versicolor Extract) to improve your skin tone and complexion. Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract and hyaluronic acid provides deep moisture to skin.
Retail Price: Per sheet (20ml) @$5.90, 5pcs/set @$18

Verdict: I’m biased towards product with tangy, citrusy scents, as it enhances the clean, refreshing effect. After a couple of use, skin seems lighter and brighter from within. Great as a boost to the pre-bed ritual.

2. Refreshing Spring Showers Mask (Damyang Bamboo) Contains refreshing bamboo extracts from Damyang, which are rich in mineral and Portulaca Oleracea Extract. Also contains Flavonoid from Adansonia Digitata Leaf Extract, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract which soothes sensitive skin.
Retail Price: Per sheet (20ml) @$5.90, 5pcs/set @$18

Verdict: As mentioned, the slightly heavy residue could be better. I’ve tested some lighter bamboo facemasks.

Dr Young Skincare set Blackbox SG masks

3. Nourishing Rain on Dry Skin Mask (Geumsan Ginseng) 

Saponin, which is the main ingredient of ginseng from Geumsan, ChungCheongnam-do, provides elasticity and nutrition to skin. Additionally, Medicinal Herb Complex (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract, Prunus Persica (Peach) Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract) and Shea Butter extracts fill up skin with deep moisture and nutrition and wrap it up, which leads to healthy and glorious skin.
Retail Price: Per sheet (20ml) @$5.90, 5pcs/set @$18

Verdict: The ginseng mask is by far my favourite – after 20 minutes my face feels truly ‘prepped’ for other products in my routine. This was lighter than most ginseng masks (or masks claiming to boast the skin-loving properties of ginseng), and the aftereffect was less oily than most. The moisturized feeling lasted for about 4 hours before my face started greasing up. And that was good enough for me. Was able to layer on some sunblock after using this, and not feel that there was too much on my face.

Ginseng face masks dr young

Feel free to develop your own verdicts. With the haze returning, it’s even more crucial to give your skin some lovin’. On most days, I begin my evening skincare regime with facemasking – this step in the ritual is just really important to me, and increasingly so with bad air conditions.

Grab your Dr Young skincare sets from BlackBox SG today! What’s even better, you can quote <<BBXJEAN10>> to enjoy an additional 10% off this or ANY exclusive sets at BlackBox 🙂

P.S. I’ve missed writing here! ❤

Viktoria Jean

A Better Florist

Only the freshest flowers for my dear mother on Mothers’ Day, and where better to get fresh floral cuts than A Better Florist? Specially curated, hand-made arrangements can be whisked to your doorstep with a few simple clicks.
A Beter Florist, Singapore, Viktoria Jean
A Better Florist, Singapore, Viktoria Jean
Blue Roses to fend off those weekday blues:
Blue Roses, A Better Florist, Singapore, Viktoria Jean
Blue Roses, A better florist, Singapore, Viktoria Jean
A Better Florist, Singapore, Viktoria Jean
Don’t wait to show your mom and others around you some love! Use promo code “viktoriamum” to get $10 off your purchases.
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BlackBox SG – The Face Inc

A peace of mind is what I got from trying out The Face Inc‘s cleansing gel and active toner. The clear, see-through consistency of both products attest to its au naturale qualities. And I just love the clean, simple fragrance!

Blackbox SG - The Face Inc

I found out about The Face Inc via this beautiful, exclusive set from the BlackBox SG, and was so glad to discover this quick facial fix at only a fraction off the market value!

Over at www.BlackBox.sg, you can grab this Exclusive Set at ONLY $26.90 (U.P $44), with full sizes included (only for the first 40 sets, while stocks last).

What’s even better, you can quote <<BBXJEAN10>> to enjoy an
additional 10% off this or ANY exclusive sets at BlackBox!

The Face Inc BlackBox SG Giveaway

Read on for a sneak peek of this exclsive set. Unwrapping this took a little longer, because I never want to ruin these boxes.

The Face Inc Cleansing Gel Active Toner

I was really fascinated by the product’s absolute clarity. Transparent cleansers are not very common, or perhaps I’ve been using way too many products with  intensive lather.

The Face Inc Blackbox SingaporeThe Face Inc Blackbox Singapore

1. The Face Inc Cleansing Gel | 50ml

Marketed as a proprietary cleansing formulation that hydrates and tones all skin types. The clear gel feels cool to the touch when applied, with a faint fragrance attributed to the gel’s cucumber extract component, that acts as a skin conditioning and softening agent. The cleanser even has mild exfoliating properties, but for that property you still need an additional exfoliator.

The sodium chloride ingredient acts as a natural astringent and antiseptic agent, absorbing moisture, firming the skin and balancing the skin’s pH level. I don’t have to worry about acidity wrecking havoc on my skin.

Retail Size and Price: 50ml, $22

The Face Inc Cleansing Gel

2. The Face Inc Active Toner | 50ml

This alcohol-free toner contains AHAs for an enhanced cleansing process. Components like Citric and Lactic Acids remove dead skin cells to reduce wrinkles, discoloration and roughness, to reveal a radiant skin. Although toners are typically applied with cotton pads, I tend to skip the whole cotton-pads thing, since a lot of the product gets wasted and soaked into the applicator anyway.

I love the tingly feeling upon application of this clear, colourless fluid. There’s even a faint fragrance that lingers after!

Retail Size and Price: 50ml, $22

The Face Inc Active TonerThe Face Inc beauty

This Exclusive Pack – The Face Inc (Clear) is available at $26.90/pack (U.P $44). Direct shop link here at www.bit.ly/thefaceinc_toning

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Promo price @$26.90 is applicable to the first 40 packs only, so grab yours quickly! For more information, head over to www.blackbox.sg.

Blackbox SG beauty blogger singapore

About The Face Inc:

Doctor prescribed skincare, The Face Inc comprises a range of products near pharmaceutical grade, specifically formulated to tackle the prevailing conditions of acne and blemishes, pigmentation and scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Their primary offering is a skincare range comprising of 16 products, that is of near pharmaceutical grade, their high concentration of active ingredients translates into prompt and visible results, truly efficacious.

The Face Inc Blackbox Singapore Active Toner

Viktoria Jean

BlackBox SG – Formula 10.0.6 Review

I first noticed Formula 10.0.6 on a Priceline Pharmacy shelf in Brisbane because the brand’s bold words and bright perky packaging were hard to miss. I’m really ecstatic to try this oft-heard of skincare brand that has been around for 83 years. Thank you BlackBoxSG for allowing me to review FORMULA 10.0.6!

Psst… don’t forget to apply my code ‘BBXJEAN10‘ at checkout for 10% discount off your entire purchase! ♥

So the products I got to test were:
☆ Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer (75ML)
☆ Three Times Sublime 3-In-1 Blackhead Wash+Scrub+Mask (100ML)

☆ Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask
☆ Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask
☆ No Time To Shine Oil Absorbing Mud Mask

Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer
This matte-finish moisturizer contains guarana and Vitamin B3 to keep skin smooth and shine-free all day. The energising Guarana extract recharges tired skin while the combination of Vitamin B3 and Salicylic Acid helps prevent excess oil secretion, leaving a seriously shine-free complexion. This all-new formulation is derived from a predecessor, the Aloe Vera and Bamboo Mattifying Moisturizer.

I first noticed the product’s interesting fragrance – I still can’t put a finger on what it smells like! A pleasant mix of aloe vera and eucalyptus?  With a touch of tea tree, so altogether a pleasant, clean scent. The product has a a thin consistency for people who dislike thick viscous formulae. When applied, I felt a slight stinging sensation all over the areas in contact with the cream. The stinging sensation stopped after the cream was fully absorbed into my skin within 2 minutes. The mattifying effect lasted on my skin for approximately 4 hours after application, before my face naturally became oily.

True to its mattifying properties, the cream is fast-drying and leaves no sticky residues. Under my usual sunscreen and foundation, I used this as an oil-control base to keep my shine in check. For a long time after application, the pleasant scent remained on my skin!

A component of the product -Aloe Barbaden Leaf Juice – is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, cell-detoxifying acids, and also anti-inflammatory ingredients like salicylic acid. Often described as the ‘life-force of aloe vera’, the extract helps to shrink pores and sooth acne flare-ups, while nourishing to avoid over-drying sensation. I learnt this while googling the product ingredients to find out what was contributing to that incredible fragrance.
Three Times Sublime 3-In-1 Blackhead Wash+Scrub+Mask (100ML)

Three Times Sublime was first launched in 2012. The product annihilates blackheads and clears up your skin by simultaneously removing excess oil, unclogging pores and eliminating dark blemishes. It’s 3-in-1 formula which acts as a foaming wash, exfoliating scrub and mud mask for the complete complexion overhaul.

I wasn’t expecting such a thick scrub with that many jojoba beads, but thankfully the product worked well and didn’t feel scratchy on my skin. The product smells au naturale and fantastic thanks to its Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate formula. For 15 minutes, with the product on my face, there was zero irritation. Just a small tip: leave your Three Times Sublime in the refrigerator before application for an amazing cooling effect!

Being an ultimate time-saver, the product is ideal for the busy socialite…and basically anyone who wishes to save time on skincare. Pink Grapefruit, a subtropical citrus fruit with an invigorating and uplifting fragrance to boost your mood, is one of the ingredients, along with  Jojoba beads to exfoliate dead skin cell, leaving your skin super smooth and blemish-free.

Directions to application: Apply to freshly cleansed and dried skin. Apply a thin coating over face and neck, avoiding eye area and allow mask to dry for 10-15 minutes. Dampen face and neck and massage gently until skin feels clean and smooth. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat skin dry. For best results use three times per week on alternative days.

Mud Masks
☆ Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask
☆ Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask
☆ No Time To Shine Oil Absorbing Mud Mask

I managed to test all 3 mud mask trial kits. Formula 10.0.6’s Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask was my absolute favourite – the product smells refreshingly warm (I love the fragrance!) with its sea-salt, bergamot and orange combination. There was a heating sensation which tingled my skin which I didn’t find unbearable at all. In fact, that’s when you know the product is working its magic.

The Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask is beige-pinkish in colour, and completely opaque. The cream glided onto my skin with easy finger application. The hard part comes when getting the product off! After leaving the product on for 15 minutes, the layer dries and hardens, making it harder to remove. Just a tip: use warm water and a soft washcloth (which I usually do for all liquid face masks).

I noticed significant difference from ‘pre mud-masking’ to ‘post mud-masking’ – my skin was visibly brighter and my pores weren’t as visible. I can even forgive the slight drying effect that comes with the detoxification process, because my face felt thoroughly cleansed of all the impurities from makeup and accumulated sun damage. For just 10-15 minutes of your time every week, the effect can be amazing. This is great for anyone feeling as though your skin can hardly breathe from the amount of makeup you’re putting on everyday. Loved this product so much that I’m planning to get a full-sized tube of Deep Down Detox!

Directions to application: Apply to freshly cleansed and dried skin. Apply a thin coating over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Allow mask to dry for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat skin dry. Use 1-3 times per week.

No Time To Shine Oil Absorbing Mud Mask is one of those face masks that works perfectly after a day out in the sun. The product consists largely of sea kelp and calendula – a little flower that packs a reputation for healing, soothing and antiseptic qualities. Sea Kelp normalizes the skins moisture content and helps heal blemishes due to antibacterial qualities. Concerns over sun damages are allayed at the end of the day when this mud mask helped soothe my skin. Despite its oil-absorbing claims, the product does not dry out the skin. I’m particular about product fragrances, and this one has an herbal deep-sea scent which I love!

Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask  clarifies the skin by eliminating impurities and clearing blocked pores. With the help of Strawberry, Yarrow and Rosemary, Pores Be Pure works to provide your skin with instant complexion perfection. The product is packed with antioxidants, which in any case is great for your skin and health in general. I found this product mediocre, and didn’t detect significant skin-clarifying results on my first usage. Perhaps I just need to use this a couple more times for that to show. Nonetheless, there is a mildly sweet scent to this product which matches the pink packaging and girly strawberries content.

All in all the mud masks are great value-for-money in terms of face masks. I do greatly recommend the Deep Down Detox!

About Formula 10.0.6
Jesse G Bell brought Ten-O-Six to life in 1933 with the first hero product lotion. The brand took off in 1950, when the product hit Seventeen magazine in the US, promoting complete complexion care. In 2008, the brand underwent a revamp into their current vibrant packaging, perky product names and even more star products to banish blemishes. The current range includes skin care products specifically designed to promote clear, healthy skin.

The range is now exclusively sold at selected Guardian Pharmacies in Singapore. You can also find incredible Formula 10.0.6 deals at BlackBox SG!

Visit BlackBox SG for more skincare magic!
Get the exclusive set with all the above products: Here.

Don’t forget to apply my code ‘BBXJEAN10‘ at checkout for 10% discount off your entire purchase! ♥

Check out my past review of TDF skincare sets, also available at BlackBox SG.

Viktoria Jean

ASUS ZenFone2 Laser ZE601KL – Netflix and The Parent Factor

Having recently acquired the ZE601KL, alongside a much-raved about Netflix account, the elders in my family have been hooked to TV and movies in bed. I’m sure the Singapore government would approve of Netflix’s long-run benefits which may incidentally include (i) general population growth and; (ii) the expansion of home delivery portals like FoodPanda and Deliveroo. If this were the 90s, I would have acquired a baby sister or brother.

Netflix works perfectly on the Android ZE601KL. Oh I I thank thee, Netflix in HD, and the ZE601KL, for several sleepless nights in a row. Not to mention a few mini-squabbles over who gets possession of the device for bed-time screening! In the day, my mom sometimes has the ZE601KL in her purse as she’s big on streaming on the go. So I figured the phone belongs to her now!

And sometimes my dad steals some sneaky time with the device for his personal viewing…

Look at how endearing he looks in this candid.

Ooh lala what did he find?

He must have been streaming one of his late-night comedies. Saturday Night Live or something.

Deer caught in the headlights Dad! Here comes Mummy.

Close to 70, and still such a cutie. Yes friends, meet my dad.

I guess the main draw of this mobile streaming device is its super HD 6-inch screen, and dual speakers which amplifies the sound (both volume and quality), so viewers can get an enhanced video-viewing experience from the comfort of…anywhere you desire, really! In your bed, on the couch, stuck on an MRT train, or while avoiding the eyes of the barista eyeing your already empty drinking glass, the ZE601KL takes your mind on a trip with its mobile HD experience.

I guess that’s why even the parents get hooked.

Anyway you might already notice the Chinese New Year decorations up in my humble abode. Yes! CNY is just round the corner, and this may be a good gift for those looking to spend some angpow money for their loved ones. Or on yourself if you’re looking for a value-for-money smartphone this festive season.

ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE601KL retails for SGD330+.
For more information, check out:

ASUS Product Page

ASUS Facebook Page

Don’t forget to follow ASUS Singapore’s Instagram Page! @asussg


P.S. In a perfect world, Netflix would grant Singaporeans access to all available shows. There are however a few comedies restricted by regional distribution rights, and to my dismay the list includes The Office and Modern Family. This does not make me happy. No indeed.

But I’m still thankful “Netflix and Chill” has arrived in Singapore.

Viktoria Jean

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser ZE601KL vs iPhone 6+

It’s been a week since this baby came into my life!


So on the ZE601KL I’ve been able to watch (in super HD) backdated episodes of Modern Family, Baby Daddy and online videos from CouchTuner, while my Mom borrows this for her K-Dramas. The full-HD 6-inch screen makes the watching experience second to none.

Why’s it that audio sounds so amazing on the ZE601KL? Im convinced that this can be attributed to the dual-driver audio chamber that has a five-magnet construction and metal voice coil to deliver powerful sounds and volume. According to official specs, the sound pressure level testing of ZE601KL is up to 97.4 dB. So even those barely audible videos that I can’t watch on my iPhone 6+ could be heard clearly on the ZE601KL.

Which brings me to….

THE Showdown:
iPhone 6 Plus
Versus ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser HD

If you had to pick a better model, which would it be?

Since I’m still tinkering with my ZE601KL, here’s my 2cents on a few key features:


These qualities about the ZE601KL trumps my current iPhone 6+:


ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE601KL) iPhone 6 +
Screen size (inches) 6.00



1080×1920 pixels 750×1334 pixels
Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 616

Apple A8




Internal storage

16GB/32GB 16GB

Expandable storage



Rear camera 12-megapixel


Front camera

5-megapixel 5-megapixel

Weight (g)

190.00 172.00
Battery capacity (mAh) 3000


Removable battery Yes



The ZE601KL is also value-for-money, retailing at SGD330+ (or SGD379 according to some friends who were looking for it at Sim Lim) in Singapore, bringing it close to half of what consumers pay for a typical iPhone 6+ with a mobile plan. ZE601KL serves the basic cellphone function, and on top of that affords you a mega HD video experience, and a wider screen than most phones out there.

In all fairness, I don’t love Apple any less – I’m heavily reliant on iCloud and I sync all my files to my Mac. Size-wise, iPhone 6+ is also slimmer and lighter. If guys already find the iPhone 6+ series hard to fit into their tight hipster jeans, then the ZE601KL isn’t gonna be easier to squeeze itself in.


Tada, iPhone 6 Plus being slimmer of the 2, has a better chance of not creating a huge bulge in our pants. Also for girls with slim purses and tiny bags, you might take this tiny difference into consideration. ZE601KL has this rounded hump on its back for better grip. Both phones though have this impeccably smooth flawless shell – oh wait what am I saying? All new phones do.

At the end of the day, Apple phones facilitate a suite of Mac products. If you’re OCD about syncing all your files, and making sure you get access to your calendar, news, contacts, emails, tweetfeeds, Facebook feeds and system preferences on all 30 mobile devices, then Apple it is. Otherwise, why not take a chance on ZE601KL?

Out of all the current phones out there, ZE601KL definitely has an edge in terms of providing an enhanced video-watching experience with its 6-inch screen size and great speaker quality!

Here’s more fooling around with the ZE601KL, this time showing some of its camera functions and even more of its super HD screen:

ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE601KL retails for SGD330+.
For more information, check out:

ASUS Product Page

ASUS Facebook Page

Don’t forget to follow ASUS Singapore’s Instagram Page! @asussg

Viktoria Jean

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser ZE601KL

The ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser HD ZE601KL arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to unbox this beauty. Having heard quite a bit about the ASUS ZenFone series, I was super excited to test this baby out!


This model, released to Singapore on 19 December’15, comes in 3 different colours: Sheer Gold, Glacier Gray and Glamour Red.

I was glad to receive mine in neutral gray-silver – by choice, my previous phones had all been fully white or rose gold. Gray wouldn’t have been my colour of choice, but now that I have this in my hands, I’m liking the sleek gray tone which gives the ZE601KL a masculinity rather befitting of its size.ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] 1

Here are the accessories that accompanied the ZE601KL (it’s always mad fun to unbox new gadgets!): the box contains a Main Battery, Adapter Type + Plug.

Hear ye! The ZE601KL has a removable battery, on top of its supposedly super-long lasting battery life.ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] assembly 4
More shots of ZE601KL with its boxed companions (please note, the brown satin is solely mine)ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] ASSEMBLY 1

Let’s get down to business.

The first thing that came to mind as I picked up the ZE601KL for the first time: hell yeah, it’s so light! (190 g with battery) And much bigger than I imagined it would be. Very light for its size, yet it doesn’t feel flimsy.

This baby’s curvature is a comfortable fit against my palm. Basically I like the ergonomic grip, plus the textured surface shell surface.

Unlike my previous phones (I’ve been an Apple user for 8 years) which have rectangular edges, ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser’s rounded curves are a refreshing change. I can wrap my fingers naturally around the large 6″+ device. So it’s bigger than my current iPhone 6+, but I think some of us agree that with phone sizes it’s a slippery slope – once you go big, you can’t go back to using ’em small ones, ever.

This is just a matter of going bigger, again. Still smaller than the Samsung Note.

Okay so moving on to finally turning it on. Android to me is like oxygen to a Martian. Pardon me for taking ages to give it life. But hey, look how it roared to life!

So I had to sign up for an Android account (say, what??).

The ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser uses the Android 5.0 Platform, powered by the internal Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 MSM8939 CPU, providing ample power for all daily multi-tasking activities. The device has up to 32GB internal storage, plus a MicroSD card memory slot that can take up to 120GB. Ostensibly a heavy consumer of high-definition dramas or videos would love this extension, simply because you’ll not need to free up space all the time. Thumbs up! The phone also works on LTE Category 4 for download speeds up to 150Mbit/s, and a 60ms touch response time.

Somehow the screen feels a tad like my Kindle – very flat-lay and texts are crisp and clear.


Additionally, I think drama lovers would be delighted by the 6-inch, full-HD 1920×1080 screen display, built with an IPS Capacitive Multi-touch panel Scratch Resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass HCLR film technology screen. Well, that is one darn mouthful! To put it in human words, your ASUS ZenFone screen is scratch-proof and crack-proof; provided you aren’t thinking of throwing this off a cliff, the hardy exterior’s gonna last you a long long time. The enhanced Gorilla Glass 4 display offers twice the drop-damage resistance of its predecessor, plus a 2.5X increase in retained strength, and is 85% less likely to break in daily use.

I drop my phones – A LOT. I need a sturdy and tough phone like this. Most of the time my phones fall on my face while I’m texting in bed. So thank goodness ZE601KL has an ultra light body!

Speaking of its body, I haven’t quite shown enough of this baby’s back view. It’s got an extremely sexy behind.

See what I mean? Sleek huh.ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] back shell

Moving on, I must add that the camera function ain’t bad at all.ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] camera
He’s bringing sexy back.

I’m big on camera functions. I’m a self-proclaimed selfie-addict as evidenced by my stash of just under a billion selfies. The thing I dislike about most phones is that the front cameras are disappointing. They take downright slipshod and blurry photos with no focus, bad lighting even on a sunny day, and produces terrible resolution.

So I’m heartened to learn that ASUS ZenFone 2 boasts laser auto-focus technology for the fastest possible snapshot clarity. The phone’s PixelMaster backlight (Super HDR) mode automatically captures multiple shots of the scene in the viewfinder, and processes these using ASUS Pixel Enhancing technology to give the final picture up to 400% more brightness. This is darn great for taking pictures in less-than-ideal lightings.

I guess it can’t yet serve the perfect selfie function – I can’t say that its front cam (5 Mega-Pixel) is fantastic. I wouldn’t trust a cell-phone to take a selfie that is of better resolution than with my Panasonic Lumix 6.  However ZE601KL does boast a decent rear camera (13 Mega-Pixel) for its price. I guess I haven’t yet found my perfect selfie-phone.



My current earcandy is a Parody of Adele’s Hello by Key of Awesome on YouTube which says it all: HERE’S A PHONE I HAVEN’T TRIED. So in love with that song for so many reasons.


If you wanna experience the HD awesomeness, why not watch a vid-ception of the video played on my ZE601KL and judge for yourself.

See how ASUS doesn’t disappoint? I’m open to all mobile models, except maybe a ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] hd screen 2

So… I guess thank you for reading thus far! I’ll be back to update on more ASUS experiences. I’m loving the ZE601KL! Gonna put my feet up and watch a few ABC Family comedies in bed, and not be afraid to drop the phone on my face.

Meanwhile, leaving you with my favourite picture I took today:ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER [VIKTORIA JEAN] hd screen 5

A few last words!

ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE601KL retails for SGD330+.
For more information, check out:

ASUS Product Page

ASUS Facebook Page

Don’t forget to follow ASUS Singapore’s Instagram Page! @asussg

Viktoria Jean


Ever since signing up for Guava Pass, I’ve attended a whopping 13 fitness classes (check out my previous posts here and here). It’s been an amazing fitness journey. I can feel my strength regaining  – lost from 2 years of unhealthy sleep cycles working as an air stewardess.

I’m happy to announce that KFIT Singapore has offered me a trial account! I’m super psyched and can’t wait to reboot my fitness journey. Looking at KFIT’s classes and gym schedules, pass users do get exposed to a wider range of inspiring fitness courses – I spotted hip hop dance classes with Danz People and Flowrider Access at Wavehouse Sentosa!

This week I’ve been attending some pretty inspiring classes:

Day 8: Ballet Shaping (1hr) + Belly Fit (1hr) @ Desert Rose Belly Dancing
▷ So my contact with ballet had been few and far between. From age 3 to 11, I trained at SHHACKT (Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts And Cultural Troupe) – then a chinese-dance academy – at least once a week, during which we picked up ballet as part of our syllabus. You never entirely forget how to dance – that much I’m certain. The body remembers where it’s supposed to go, like in swimming or cycling where even after losing touch for years, your muscle memory just needs a kick to restart that system.

My first thought when I saw Desert Rose school was: this is a dance academy? Build on the top-most floor above a restaurant in Chinatown, it’s the last place I’d expect to be learning dance at. The average age of the students was at least 35, and I’m clearly the youngest. Instructor COCO at Desert Rose Belly Dancing introduced basic ballet moves in Ballet Shaping to lengthen your spine and limbs for that graceful ballerina figure. It wasn’t tiring at all – loads of stretching with rhythm, ballet positions and plié.

The next hour (I decided to just stay on for the next class) was a basic belly dancing class, also taught by Coco. Gosh what a first time experience! Dancing amongst older ladies was one thing, but gyrating my hips at 50-shakes-per-minute – I LOVED IT. Everyone gets a belly dance sash laced with tiny bells that makes seductive tinkling sounds when you shake that booty right. Belly dance just melts your fats away (especially the hips!) because essentially you don’t stop shaking your ass.

All in all this was a good environment for first-timers. You need not feel shy. The teachers and students alike were so welcoming and nice.

Desert Rose Belly Dancing


Day 9: KPOP X Fitness @ Physical Abuse

▷I used to love KPOP before all their songs started sounding one and the same. In fact I used to teach Kpop dance classes. KPOPxFitness is essentially aerobics with KPOP songs. Attending aerobics classes in Australia was an amazing experience, and thankfully Instructor Stephanie’s class was not a letdown! She radiates so much energy in her class that everyone else is inspired to push harder. We danced non-stop for 14 KPOP songs!! She might have revived my love for KPOP…a bit. All I can say is I’m going to look forward to attending her classes!

My first class at Physical Abuse was Bollywood Fitness, and so far I’m loving this gym full of fitness addicts.

KPOPxFitness Physical Abuse


Day 10: Iyengar 1 @ COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

▷ It must be a given for Yogis to have incredibly soothing voices. Under Instructor Samantha‘s guidance, the class went into tricky inversions with the help of ropes, mats, bricks, belts and props. Sounds kinky somehow, but it was incredibly fun. The poses we did helped with spinal re-alignment and back straightening. I’m always in front of a desktop these days, so holding those poses was a tad difficult at times. A one-hour class passed by incredibly fast. I felt as though we did a tonne of stuff, but I left the class without perspiring. This is definitely a beginner-level yoga class but good for people who’re looking to revise their fundamentals.

Como SHambhala Urban Escape



I hope I made the classes sound interesting, because if they weren’t, I would sincerely not be writing about them.

There are so many incredible yoga academies in Singapore that I’ve yet to come across! I’m somebody who’s constantly searching for excitement, so I’m incredibly hyped over the possible new fitness classes I can now attend!

Join me on my fitness journey ❤

Viktoria Jean


It’s WORKOUT MONDAY. The journey continues from Days 1 to 4 (last week), working towards less sedation and more working it~

Day 5: Zumba @ Bolly Dancing

▷ Bolly’s power-packed instructor could rival the extremely bouncy & hyper Zumba teachers whose classes I attended in Melbourne/Sydney!! Despite the small studio size and an average student age in the 50s, the combined energy I felt from the teacher and students was explosive. The 12pm class was packed fyi since I arrived late I had to stand at the sides. All in all, this makes me miss Zumba classes in Aussie!

Where: 261 Waterloo Street, 01-12 Waterloo Centre

Fitness Singapore girls

Day 6: Pole Class @ Ecole de Pole

▷ Crashed the last class of a Beginner-Pole course and had soooo much fun! Couple of bruises didn’t really matter. Had the 6 week routine thrown at me on my first class with Ecole de Pole, and sadly I failed to execute the routine properly. Definitely going for more pole classes and aiming to gain upper arm strength to tackle those spins!

Day 6: Bollywood Fitness @ Physical Abuse

▷ Instructor Sandeep is amazing. I think I might love Bollywood dance as much as hip hop, since essentially the moves engages your core the way it is required in most hip hop techniques. The song choice was fun, and the moves were apt. All of his students are regulars and I know why! Again, I crashed a regular class who had learnt a large part of the choreography. Loved this place! The showers and lockers are so clean and neat.

Fitness Dance Anahata Yoga


Day 7: Yin Yang 75 @ Anahata Yoga

▷Yogi James led us into extremely deep stretches and paced breathing which I felt was exactly what I needed at 10am on a rainy Monday morning. I love that he aims to push himself and his students to the limit, which really inspired me to keep going each time I felt like my arms/legs were giving way. Situated in a really lovely shophouse in a backalley at Arab St, this is one hideout you would definitely miss unless you’re looking for it. Its enigma is a major bonus. Also a plus point: hot showers, clean toilet and decent lockers.


Loving this routine so far.


Viktoria Jean


Guava Pass Workout Singapore

GUAVAPASS has been nothing short of amazing.

4 days in, I’ve been to 4 completely different workout sessions and have planned my schedule around a few more fitness classes – most of which are located real close to CBD and town. Work’s been keeping me too busy to workout as much, but with GuavaPass I’ve been extra motivated to get movin’. Psst…Ping me for a referral 😉

So… here’s a breakdown of my classes:

Guava Pass Singapore Fitness

Guava Pass Singapore Fitness Classes

Day 1: Power Yoga @ Space and Light Studios,
▷ Instructor Yen was incredibly patient, personable yet assertive in pushing us to our limits. She walked around a lot to make sure we were getting it right and not hurting ourselves. At the end of the session we spread-eagled on the floor, were handed some essential oils to soothe our senses and calm our minds. Felt amazing after class. Would go back for more Power Yoga sessions!

Where: @ R-evolution
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-09 Vivocity
Singapore 098585

Day 2: Intro to Twerk @ Pole Dance Academy
▷ Instructor Salmah has insane twerk skills. I will never see butt-isolation in the same way again. Basically woke up the next day with an intense butt-ache, but so worth the pain. Started with warmups, leg conditioning and pelvic isolations. The song we danced to during the twerk-reography was Beyonce’s Yonce. Loads of floor-work so long-pants are a good idea. Also, tonnes of hair flips and floor-humping. Loved it.

Where: 5A/6A Craig Road, Singapore 089665

Day 3: Ganban-Yoku @ Anti-Oxidant Wellness
▷ Basically I fell asleep on the anti-oxidant beds and woke up 45mins later in full-body sweat. The sauna conditions at >40 degrees wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Armed with a towel, bottled anti-oxidant water, and a set of yukata to relax in, I had a really good power nap, being all alone in a sauna room with 6 beds and dimmed lights. Supposedly, the beds are fitted with special ceramic tiles consisting Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions to help our bodies perspire and detoxify. Interestingly it’s unlike a usual workout where your sweat would be sticky or stinky! After cooling down, I was given 2 enzyme shots to power up my system again. Amazing experience.

Where: No.1 Thomson Ridge S(574633)

Day 4: Adult Yoga @ Wings To Wings
▷ Found myself being the only student at a 1pm Wednesday hatha yoga class, so naturally the teacher went slow. Requested to learn the crow pose and kept it for the longest time I’ve ever done. But class ended in 45 minutes? I guess she didn’t have much of a mood to sustain the class for the whole hour when I was the only one. Upside: the yoga instructor (didn’t catch her name) has a nice soothing voice well-suited for a yogi.

Where: 10 North Canal Road, Singapore (048823)


Indeed nothing beats a sweaty guava workout. I’m excited to embark on a new fitness journey.

Anyone out there a KFit/GuavaPass user?

I’ve actually been keen to test out K-Fit and GuavaPass for the longest time. Perhaps after this month I’ll switch to KFit and see which suits my schedule best.

Viktoria Jean


☼ Supporting the Freedom To Love #PinkDotSG

Attended my first Pink Dot last Saturday (13 Jun) with ChaiArmy, and celebrated the weekend with a wholesome staycation at the Park Royal Hotel on Pickering Street.

I was curious about Pink Dot campaign which had gathered much talk and controversy (pink versus white) when I felt the cause inherently bore no ill-intentions at all. In fact Pink Dot was very much an outdoor family affair! Singaporeans from all walks of life were clad in pink, from babies and toddlers to the very old, soaking up sun at Hong Lim Park’s open field. I loved the warm (literally, though) atmosphere, complete with picnic mats, cheerleader stunts, pink balloons and mascots, as well as booths with activities to partake in, resembling a carnival of sorts. Picnickers began choosing their spots at 1-ish PM. Decked in all shades of pink, supporters of the Freedom To Love movement gathered and mingled with fellow pink friends all throughout the afternoon, at times releasing iconic pink helium balloons (a move I’m not too crazy about).

The highlight of the annual event was the evening concert which culminated in a traditional lighting up of a clustered ‘pink dot’. Experienced the gorgeous light-up first-hand from our vantage point – a 6th-floor room at Park Royal! Here’s a snippet (just the highlights) of the lighting up, enjoy:

At 3-ish the crowd was still beginning to gather…
By 5, the place was close to packed, forming this sea of pink
With my dear friends at the event. C for #ChaiArmy


☼ Staycation at the Park Royal on Pickering Street

Loading up on carbs and chilling with beers with these bunch at the Park Royal, which evidently was a popular staycay spot every year on Pink Dot day. When we checked in, there were tonnes of people in pink. Being a very new establishment, the interior was spanking clean, and the rooms spotless. Just as the exterior moss-green decor suggested, the rooms were in sync with the woodsy organic theme.  Service was also uber efficient when we asked for extra duvet, towels and water!

Wholesome movies and stay-in party night, drinks provided HeinekenSG.
With the Enqi / Hannah at the staycay

The pool was amazing, if only it wasn’t raining.

My frolicking friends
I’m sometimes amazed by the picture quality of iPhones. Landscape shot of the indoor sundeck. Great for reading a book by the poolside in your bikini if you’re not looking to get tanned.

  Clearly swimming wasn’t on my agenda. I walked around snapping photos of the pool and Park Royal’s signature ‘birdcages’ that housed lounging couches for the pool dwellers.

I must say I had a great night’s sleep, having been awake for >24hours prior. The woody interior just ups the bed’s appeal. Crispy white sheets against mild rosewood. Sleeping just got better. But be extra careful: draw the blinds for privacy and especially when showering, because otherwise, guests from the next building can see everything you do. Like literally, every single thing.  

Such different feels from the other Park residences. Thoroughly enjoyed my first Pink Dot experience made even better with the weekend staycation ❤ just what I needed to recharge for the rest of the month.

How’s June going for everyone?

Viktoria Jean

[SINGAPORE] Privé Grill @ Keppel Bay (& other tantalizing eats)

Disclaimer: This throwback post contains images of food, coffee and good people having a good time.
Do not proceed if hungry.

The Privé Grill and Privé Cafe are amongst my favourite haunts, especially since the cafe’s pretty zen on weekday afternoons when I need my caffeine most. The coffee is above-average but not the best since I’ve had better lattes for less (just had a really good ice latte not long ago at The Plain!), but definitely the view of docked yachts, calm seas and expats’ properties definitely beats the  scene at the central business district.

This afternoon, sometime back, was a weekday brunch at the grill. My friends from Thailand finally tasted the famous Privé meats, cooked to perfection using the acclaimed “Spanish imported Josper grill”. According to the extensive all-day brunch selection, Privé Grill also features tantalizing appetizers, mouth-watering mains and decadent desserts.


Sometime back too, was this insanely good catching up over coffee with a university senior from the good old days. Ogopogo at the Bussorah Street near Haji Lane (aside from its renowned night scene) offers really good flat white, and amazing old-school knick-knacks. Throwback to the ’90s, anybody?      

I miss humongous and insanely yummy cakes from the Cheesecake Factory in the States. I guess one of those places on this sunny little island with portions, quality control and taste that actually can be compared to the cheesecake giant, is Lady M. Of course, without the crazy waiting time. In the States, we had to make reservations and wait for up to 1.5hrs for a seat at the Cheesecake Factory. Whereas the Lady M is much classier and serves up a mean millefeuille. Bon appetit.  

This is the last of my dessert reminiscences, I swear! Tiong Bahru Bakery brings back really good memories, not just for its good coffee – every time I get TBB I’m reminded of the first person who ever brought me for TBB croissants, black smoked salmon sandwiches and latte. Cheers to good ol’times. One unfortunate thing about this place happens to be their iced lattes – they seriously don’t taste as good when cold.

2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore City 098382
Phone:6776 0777

73 Bussorah St
Singapore 199486

Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Eng Hoon
56 Eng Hoon Street
Singapore 160056

Viktoria Jean


A sleepless night was spent following tweets on AirBnB’s #OneLessStranger campaign. Tired and insomniac as I was, I couldn’t help applauding the global movement to connect people across cultures, to eliminate the distance we keep with people we don’t intend to know. To be on the receiving end of a thoughtful deed from a stranger – it is a simple, solitary gesture with wide-reaching resonance.

I gave the campaign some thought. What’s the point in reaching out to a stranger. Sometimes we don’t even know the person we share our last name with. How much value-add can one less stranger be? So yes it’s impossible to tag a price on gaining unlikely acquaintances. But at its core if we each know the value of having one less stranger, we would not hear of hotel sieges, terror bombings or impending nuclear wars.

I love quoting my favourite author – Haruki Murakami tells us things about ourselves we do not even know, sans big words and complexity. I would love to debate long and hard on this line:”But what seems like a reasonable distance to one person might feel too far to somebody else.” How far should you be from a stranger? How much distance should you keep from a friend, a lover? Could you draw a boundary with a firm hand and keep it? 2 people, side by side, can be worlds apart. Distances are at once tangibly physical and entirely, subjectively emotional.

January is time to begin with a new frame of mind. If I didn’t know better, 2014 was a turbulent year for many, as was the last and the year before, but that should not be grounds for excuses we tell ourselves from discarding poisonous, harmful thoughts.

We’re all on this earth for a limited time, so let’s not be strangers.

And with that said, January is already ending. I hope 2015 had been as eventful for you as it had been so far for me. Let’s keep this party rolling.

SNOW 2015


P.S Caught my first snowfall of 2015 in Frankfurt! I love Winter.

Viktoria Jean


Day One: BLU Home Guesthouse

7:45am – Touched down at Incheon International Airport
8:30am – Claimed all baggage and cleared customs
8:45am – Bought T-Money (Bus, Train, All-In-One Fare Card) and WiBro (incredibly fast and useful portable WiFi egg gadget)
8:50am – Boarded Airport Railroad (AREX) Commuter Line towards Hongik University Station
9:40am – Reached Hongik University Station (Hongdae!) Then proceeds to take an hour to find BLU Home Guest-House. Because am stubborn and for the first half an hour, refused to use Google Maps. Lugs trolleybag all over Hongdae. Gets lost and finally seeks the almighty navigator.
10:40am – Heaved a huge sigh of relief at locating the blue swing doors. Successfully checks-In at BLU Home Guest-House!!

Well, I love this place! My room is small (am allocated the double bunk beds all to myself for the first 3 days although I paid for the single room) because somebody else is occupying it at the moment. I’ve been here for only half a day, and already the owner, Denny, appeared extremely helpful and dependable. BLU Home is a cosy double-storeyed building fully equipped with everything a backpacker/hostelite would ever need (internal heating, desktops, Free WiFi, heated water etc) despite not boasting of grand exteriors or showy furnishings. Presenting to you…my humble little room!





Yes I am ALWAYS hungry so this honey pancakes comes in handy.20140320-204952.jpg

I really brought nothing much. My heaviest possession is my MacBook Pro and 4 novels.20140320-204958.jpg

BLU Home Guesthouse deserves a proper post when I get round to taking proper photographs of its kitchen, the laundry room, lobby and the breakfast area.

For the rest of the day upon checking in, I roamed all over Hongdae’s busiest streets and wandered over to its very quiet Wausanro 27 to 29-Gil. Visited some very interesting cafes which I’m dying to share with everybody ^^ Hope everyone’s having a good day!

BLU Home
464-52 Mapo-Gu, Seoul

Viktoria Jean