It’s WORKOUT MONDAY. The journey continues from Days 1 to 4 (last week), working towards less sedation and more working it~ Day 5: Zumba @ Bolly Dancing ▷ Bolly’s power-packed instructor could rival the extremely bouncy & hyper Zumba teachers whose classes I attended in Melbourne/Sydney!! Despite the small studio size and an average student age in the 50s, the combined energy I felt from the teacher […]


GUAVAPASS has been nothing short of amazing. 4 days in, I’ve been to 4 completely different workout sessions and have planned my schedule around a few more fitness classes – most of which are located real close to CBD and town. Work’s been keeping me too busy to workout as much, but with GuavaPass I’ve been […]

Dance dance dance!

Recent choreos, hope they’re worth watching. Had so much fun choreographing and teaching them! Rania’s Dr Feel Good (Girls Hiphop) Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense (Girls Hiphop) BAP Warrior! EXO Two Moons 🙂