It’s WORKOUT MONDAY. The journey continues from Days 1 to 4 (last week), working towards less sedation and more working it~

Day 5: Zumba @ Bolly Dancing

▷ Bolly’s power-packed instructor could rival the extremely bouncy & hyper Zumba teachers whose classes I attended in Melbourne/Sydney!! Despite the small studio size and an average student age in the 50s, the combined energy I felt from the teacher and students was explosive. The 12pm class was packed fyi since I arrived late I had to stand at the sides. All in all, this makes me miss Zumba classes in Aussie!

Where: 261 Waterloo Street, 01-12 Waterloo Centre

Fitness Singapore girls

Day 6: Pole Class @ Ecole de Pole

▷ Crashed the last class of a Beginner-Pole course and had soooo much fun! Couple of bruises didn’t really matter. Had the 6 week routine thrown at me on my first class with Ecole de Pole, and sadly I failed to execute the routine properly. Definitely going for more pole classes and aiming to gain upper arm strength to tackle those spins!

Day 6: Bollywood Fitness @ Physical Abuse

▷ Instructor Sandeep is amazing. I think I might love Bollywood dance as much as hip hop, since essentially the moves engages your core the way it is required in most hip hop techniques. The song choice was fun, and the moves were apt. All of his students are regulars and I know why! Again, I crashed a regular class who had learnt a large part of the choreography. Loved this place! The showers and lockers are so clean and neat.

Fitness Dance Anahata Yoga


Day 7: Yin Yang 75 @ Anahata Yoga

▷Yogi James led us into extremely deep stretches and paced breathing which I felt was exactly what I needed at 10am on a rainy Monday morning. I love that he aims to push himself and his students to the limit, which really inspired me to keep going each time I felt like my arms/legs were giving way. Situated in a really lovely shophouse in a backalley at Arab St, this is one hideout you would definitely miss unless you’re looking for it. Its enigma is a major bonus. Also a plus point: hot showers, clean toilet and decent lockers.


Loving this routine so far.


Viktoria Jean


Guava Pass Workout Singapore

GUAVAPASS has been nothing short of amazing.

4 days in, I’ve been to 4 completely different workout sessions and have planned my schedule around a few more fitness classes – most of which are located real close to CBD and town. Work’s been keeping me too busy to workout as much, but with GuavaPass I’ve been extra motivated to get movin’. Psst…Ping me for a referral 😉

So… here’s a breakdown of my classes:

Guava Pass Singapore Fitness

Guava Pass Singapore Fitness Classes

Day 1: Power Yoga @ Space and Light Studios,
▷ Instructor Yen was incredibly patient, personable yet assertive in pushing us to our limits. She walked around a lot to make sure we were getting it right and not hurting ourselves. At the end of the session we spread-eagled on the floor, were handed some essential oils to soothe our senses and calm our minds. Felt amazing after class. Would go back for more Power Yoga sessions!

Where: @ R-evolution
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-09 Vivocity
Singapore 098585

Day 2: Intro to Twerk @ Pole Dance Academy
▷ Instructor Salmah has insane twerk skills. I will never see butt-isolation in the same way again. Basically woke up the next day with an intense butt-ache, but so worth the pain. Started with warmups, leg conditioning and pelvic isolations. The song we danced to during the twerk-reography was Beyonce’s Yonce. Loads of floor-work so long-pants are a good idea. Also, tonnes of hair flips and floor-humping. Loved it.

Where: 5A/6A Craig Road, Singapore 089665

Day 3: Ganban-Yoku @ Anti-Oxidant Wellness
▷ Basically I fell asleep on the anti-oxidant beds and woke up 45mins later in full-body sweat. The sauna conditions at >40 degrees wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Armed with a towel, bottled anti-oxidant water, and a set of yukata to relax in, I had a really good power nap, being all alone in a sauna room with 6 beds and dimmed lights. Supposedly, the beds are fitted with special ceramic tiles consisting Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions to help our bodies perspire and detoxify. Interestingly it’s unlike a usual workout where your sweat would be sticky or stinky! After cooling down, I was given 2 enzyme shots to power up my system again. Amazing experience.

Where: No.1 Thomson Ridge S(574633)

Day 4: Adult Yoga @ Wings To Wings
▷ Found myself being the only student at a 1pm Wednesday hatha yoga class, so naturally the teacher went slow. Requested to learn the crow pose and kept it for the longest time I’ve ever done. But class ended in 45 minutes? I guess she didn’t have much of a mood to sustain the class for the whole hour when I was the only one. Upside: the yoga instructor (didn’t catch her name) has a nice soothing voice well-suited for a yogi.

Where: 10 North Canal Road, Singapore (048823)


Indeed nothing beats a sweaty guava workout. I’m excited to embark on a new fitness journey.

Anyone out there a KFit/GuavaPass user?

I’ve actually been keen to test out K-Fit and GuavaPass for the longest time. Perhaps after this month I’ll switch to KFit and see which suits my schedule best.

Viktoria Jean