Mellow Baking Cafe | 멜로우베이킹 카페

Just round the corner of my guesthouse, opposite Orange Guesthouse and Book Cafe Jungle in Seogyo-Dong Hongdae, is this gem of a baking cafe, complete with its own outdoor sitting area and garden patio! The owners are bakers themselves as they also regularly conduct baking classes on top of home-baking all their sumptuous goods.









I had the green tea frappucino and their home-made New York Cheesecake! The green tea frappucino tasted really fresh. They blended ice, honey, and a Japanese-branded matcha powder to lots of fresh milk, then sprinkled matcha powder and a generous serving of whipped cream. It tasted better than any Starbucks green tea I’ve ever drank! Being home-made, the cheesecake also tasted fresh and free from preservatives. It was a bit harder and less egg-yolky than most cheesecakes I’ve had. There seemed to be more flour in it. Loved it nonetheless ^^




Bright walls, polished rosewood tables and lots of mid-morning sunshine gives cheer to this spacious homely cafe. With wall paintings of trees, aesthetically placed potted plants, the area closest to the cafe main entrance resembles a well-kept gardening shed with a heavy feminine influence. Most of what’s baked within the store can be for in-store consumption of take-outs, so yes you can actually order a celebratory cake and have it personalized. There’s a wide selection of coffees, frappucino s, sandwiches and tarts on their cute little menu-book. It seems to me that a lot of thought went into every minute little detail in their cafe – a trait of an undoubtedly feminine boss. 20140321-101015.jpg












Come for their baking class or just to have a taste of home-made goodness in a sunny cheery backdrop. Loads of customers came and went within the span of an hour and most of them sat down on the comfortable couches and chairs for their business meetings or conversations! This is the cheeriest hangout I’ve seen so far and this place makes me very happy indeed.

Mellow Baking Cafe
375-45 서교동 마포구 서울
375-45 Seogyo-Dong Mapo-Gu Seoul

Viktoria Jean

Day One: BLU Home Guesthouse

7:45am – Touched down at Incheon International Airport
8:30am – Claimed all baggage and cleared customs
8:45am – Bought T-Money (Bus, Train, All-In-One Fare Card) and WiBro (incredibly fast and useful portable WiFi egg gadget)
8:50am – Boarded Airport Railroad (AREX) Commuter Line towards Hongik University Station
9:40am – Reached Hongik University Station (Hongdae!) Then proceeds to take an hour to find BLU Home Guest-House. Because am stubborn and for the first half an hour, refused to use Google Maps. Lugs trolleybag all over Hongdae. Gets lost and finally seeks the almighty navigator.
10:40am – Heaved a huge sigh of relief at locating the blue swing doors. Successfully checks-In at BLU Home Guest-House!!

Well, I love this place! My room is small (am allocated the double bunk beds all to myself for the first 3 days although I paid for the single room) because somebody else is occupying it at the moment. I’ve been here for only half a day, and already the owner, Denny, appeared extremely helpful and dependable. BLU Home is a cosy double-storeyed building fully equipped with everything a backpacker/hostelite would ever need (internal heating, desktops, Free WiFi, heated water etc) despite not boasting of grand exteriors or showy furnishings. Presenting to you…my humble little room!





Yes I am ALWAYS hungry so this honey pancakes comes in handy.20140320-204952.jpg

I really brought nothing much. My heaviest possession is my MacBook Pro and 4 novels.20140320-204958.jpg

BLU Home Guesthouse deserves a proper post when I get round to taking proper photographs of its kitchen, the laundry room, lobby and the breakfast area.

For the rest of the day upon checking in, I roamed all over Hongdae’s busiest streets and wandered over to its very quiet Wausanro 27 to 29-Gil. Visited some very interesting cafes which I’m dying to share with everybody ^^ Hope everyone’s having a good day!

BLU Home
464-52 Mapo-Gu, Seoul

Viktoria Jean